4 ways to get white teeth in your dog

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4 ways to get white teeth in your dog

The oral hygiene of your pet is part of their essential care and you can wear white teeth, without the presence of tartar and in perfect condition, depends, to a large extent, on the care you provide. Do you want to know how to make your dog have white teeth? Look how simple.

The mouth of the dog requires specific attention to avoid discomfort and possible infections that can have serious consequences.

In the periodic reviews that you must do to your dog, look at the state of your teeth and gums is an important part that should not be missed in them.

Yellow teeth, plaque, bad breath or inflamed gums are dental health problems that also affect dogs and you have to try to avoid them whenever possible.

Give the care of your mouth the importance it really has and consult the veterinarian before any anomaly. In addition, in the day to day, there are four very simple resources that can help your pet have teeth as healthy as white.

Quality food

Give your dog a good feed, to provide all the nutrients you need for proper development, is vital for your fitness but, in addition, quality feed covers other needs such as having a denture and a healthy mouth . A feed with the right texture will cause that when your dog eats, he will clean his teeth without realizing it, by the “scraping” action that those “pellets” exert on each bite. If your dog already has accumulated tartar problems, you have specially formulated feed to directly affect the encrusted plate and achieve, little by little, cleaner teeth.

Specific toys

Obviously, dogs have never used a brush and toothpaste to maintain an enviable set of teeth, so why do they usually have their teeth white and free of tartar? … simply because from their origins, their natural way of feeding, scraping and gnawing a bone or a hunted piece, has been enough to keep your teeth free from the buildup and action of bacteria. Now, a domestic dog is no longer fed this way. Eat your food without it acting as a “brush” on your teeth. Therefore, nowadays, the specific toys that can nibble at will not only make the animal stay entertained for a while, but they are also a great method for cleaning and taking care of the teeth. In the form of hard biscuits with edges that must “file” slowly, or bones designed for dental hygiene … you have different and ingenious accessories so that your pet, without knowing it, is washing his teeth thoroughly.

Wash your teeth

Clean the teeth of the dog

It is another way to achieve that your dog has a gleaming smile. If you get used to it from puppy, it is very simple. A little paste in a specific brush, which does not hurt your gums, or your index finger, wrapped in gauze, is enough to make your teeth clean and stay white longer. Remember that you must use a specific toothpaste, because that of humans can be harmful or even toxic to dogs.

A bone

They love it and it’s great for their teeth, but it’s not worth anybody. Always give your dog raw bones (not the ones you use to flavor a stew). Only then the risk of splintering is minimal. Also, choose large bones, especially cow, and with some meat to make them attractive. Have you seen how with your teeth your dog is able to take out every tiny edible piece? … because in that operation is also, brushing his teeth thoroughly.

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