1. Circadian rhythms
Most dogs love the routine, and some literally seem to know exactly what time it is – especially when it is already time for dinner or time to go out. They will cry, bark and howl with concern that you may have forgotten your favorite moment of the day.
Many dogs and cats wake up at the same time each morning, and this is a perfect way to make sure your circadian rhythms – your inner clock – stay on the right track. Consistently waking up at the same time ensures better sleep, which means that pet owners are more rested and as a result, healthier.

2. Forced activity
Dogs need exercise; there is no race that does not need it. Some are considerably more active than others, but even if they do not need 2 hours running and walking for at least 10 minutes.
This forced activity is beneficial to owners, as it causes their heart to pump, muscles and joints move, relieve pain and expose us to fresh air.

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3. Raw minors
Having a pet is a big responsibility. Dogs in particular can not be long alone. This has a side effect, which is that holiday nights are diminished by the simple fact that we do not want to leave our puppy alone and abandoned until the early hours of the morning.
Getting home early means less alcohol and better mornings without raw. Your liver will thank you!

4. Be present
One thing that perfect dogs do is live in the moment and be 100% present in everything they do. While some puppies may be easily distracted, most have an incredible ability to concentrate on one thing for a period of time.
The owners of these puppies could learn something from them and practice a lifestyle full of gratitude and pay attention to small things.

5. Better immunity
Even if you do not believe it, a super clean house creates long-term adverse effects on our health. Luckily, dogs have dandruff and also carry a plethora of germs. Germs can be good because they cause you to develop stronger immunity.
Children who grew up with dogs tend to have a stronger immune system than their friends without dogs. One study showed that children raised with a dog or cat have fewer flu and respiratory illness, also suffer less from allergies.

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