6 benefits of the BARF diet for dogs

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6 benefits of the BARF diet for dogs
There are many people who choose to feed their pet in the most natural way possible, eliminating processed feed from the diet. Raw meat, bones, vegetables … was not that what the dogs ate before being domesticated? The BARF diet is based on those foods that are biologically suitable for the animal and that, without a doubt, supposes multiple benefits.

Although there are different ways of preparing the BARF diet, they all have in common the exclusion of elaborated products that incorporate artificial ingredients that the dog does not need and that probably do not even favor their proper nutrition. This diet, also known by its acronym in Spanish as diet ACBA (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) claims the need to return to natural diet as the best method to ensure the health and welfare of the dog.

Its defenders say that if our dog could choose, he would opt for the BARF diet because it is the one that really adapts to his nutritional needs. Despite what may seem at first, preparing this diet is not complicated or expensive and there are many advantages that can be for the animal.

Why dogs benefit from the BARF diet

Pet owners who follow this diet say so. Do not forget that the dog is a carnivorous animal, which needs specific nutrients, primarily protein, and that natural food is the most appropriate to provide them.

Although the BARF diet also has detractors who say that the menus included can be unbalanced, there is no doubt that its benefits are multiple and among them we must highlight the following:

1. Optimal digestion and better absorption of nutrients

The gastrointestinal system of the dog is biologically prepared to process food without previous cooking, which is how best preserved all its macro and micronutrients. Meats of all kinds, organ meats, fish, bones, fruits, vegetables … this is a very varied diet, with a high protein content, which is just what the dog needs. In it there are no preservatives, stabilizers or any other chemical that are, in many cases, causing different digestive problems that can be suffered by the animal.

2. Ideal weight

It would be really strange if a dog that follows the BARF diet was fat. In most cases, canine obesity is directly related to the quality of the feed the dog eats. In its composition, processed feeds usually contain an excess of carbohydrates (cereals) and fats (many of them transgenic) that benefit the animal little.

3. Good hydration

Older dog that drinks a lot of water

When it comes to eating your BARF menu, the dog not only feeds itself but also moisturizes when it is always wet food (foods in their natural state contain water). How many times have we seen our pet finish with his bowl of water after the feed? Logical, sometimes it is so dry that it is hard to swallow and urgently needs to hydrate.

4. Healthy teeth and gums

It is another of the obvious benefits of the diet because the fleshy bones that it incorporates daily keep their teeth strong and free of bacterial plaque. Bad breath does not exist.

5. Better development of the immune system

The optimal absorption of nutrients that comes with the BARF diet favors the proper functioning of the immune system. The result is a healthier dog and better protected against common infectious diseases.

6. Healthy and shiny hair

The vitality of the animal, its good general health due to the presence of the protein, vitamins and minerals required by its organism are also reflected on the outside in the form of healthy skin and brighter hair.

There are many benefits of this canine diet, for some the best, because it is based on “copying” dietary guidelines that dogs have followed since time immemorial, before there was a comfortable and practical elaborate feed.

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