A Controversial Tradition: Greyhound Dog Racing

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A Controversial Tradition: Greyhound Dog Racing

In hundreds of places in Chile is practiced Sunday to Sunday, this sport dog What do you think of this practice?

I must admit that I went with my father to see these races … and I liked it. Many will think that I am a monster for this, but the truth is that these dogs seem to enjoy the speed, and it is not seen that their owners oblige them and give them some type of abuse to make them run, in some cases at 120 kilometers per hour .

Greyhounds are very delicate dogs, which receive a special treatment by their owners who want to keep them in the best possible conditions to obtain the best performance. But instrumentalizing pets, has never been well seen by those who understand that they are living beings that favorably, should not work like us to “earn a living.”

There are worse things, certainly, like circuses with animals, aquariums and their shows three times a day, fights, of course illegal, and full-time jobs in public order institutions, where dogs and horses are seen exposed to violence and long and exhausting days.

I see German Shepherd Dogs daily – not police, because that’s a wrong categorization – staked outside the Mint, where they do not have a bowl of water on hand. I have always been doubtful where they have it, or if they have simply trained them so “well” that they endure until the end of the shift.

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