Sony has announced the launch of Aibo in the West; his robot dog, which uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from our lifestyle.

If there were a pantheon of robots, Aibo would probably be in the center. It is not the most useful robot, not even the most innovative, but it has won a place in our hearts.

The first version, launched just at the turn of the millennium, represented a future that until then we had only read or seen in movies. A future in which our companions were robots; designed to help us both physically and emotionally.

Aibo was ahead of its time, and that is why in 2006 its creator, Sony, decided to abandon it. But he has returned, with a new version with a more natural look and behavior; but deep down, it’s still the same Aibo we knew.

Aibo launch in the West, will it succeed?

The new Aibo was introduced last year, in Japan, of course; The mecca of electronics was the perfect place for such an amazing project. However, Sony has also seen potential in the rest of the world; Therefore, he has announced the launch of Aibo in the West.

To begin, he will launch a first “litter” as he calls it, in the US market. Understandably, Sony doesn’t want to take a lot of risk either; the first Aibo did wonders for the marketing and image of the company, but at the moment of truth it only had some success in the Japanese market.

Western consumers may already be prepared for Aibo. But if they want one, they will have to pay their own; The Aibo will cost nothing less than $ 2,899 in the US, a price that places it as a very expensive curiosity. Will it succeed this way?

In Japan, this new version of Aibo was so demanded that lotteries had to be done to see who was staying the second batch. It is doubtful that the same will happen in the West; but the mere fact that this launch occurs is already an indication that Westerners are accepting these robots.

Something more than a pet

The new Aibo is not just a pet, it is also a piece of cutting-edge technology. The main novelty is the cloud-based learning system. The robot will adapt to our personality and our lifestyle; and will be able to recognize all members of the house, including other pets. Thanks to this, Sony promises that no two Aibo will be the same.

To achieve this, the robot is full of sensors, sound and speech recognition engines, image recognition, navigation cameras and Artificial Intelligence. It is even smart enough to search its charging base automatically when it is low on battery.

In the $ 2,899 three years of subscription to the AI ​​in the Sony cloud are included; It will store the memories of our Aibo and allow you to learn over time. Without it, it loses many of its functionalities.

Will Aibo reach the hearts of the western world?

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