Liability: Liability coverage is not a single liability. In fact there are different models from those that are exclusively to third parties, to more complex coverages that also include the animal itself, for example adding accident insurance that will also cover the expenses derived from what can happen to the pet.

Civil liability for all purposes would be a basic insurance in which, in its simplest form, cover the damages that the dog may cause to third parties, and that can be extended with accident insurance and other coverages added.

These insurance in the case of potentially dangerous dogs are mandatory (in some cases with extensions) while in certain autonomous communities the breed of dog is equal since the obligation of liability insurance is applied in any case (Madrid or Basque Country )

When setting the insured capital will depend on factors such as the breed of the dog, and will generally be between € 60,000 and at least € 300,000. These insurances are not exclusive to the owner, ie they are safe on the animal. If an accident occurs with damage to third parties while the dog is with another person who is not the owner of the insurance also operates, except special circumstances that are usually detailed in the particular conditions, according to each company.

This basic coverage what you would come to provide is protection against possible accidents produced by the dog, or bites to people or other dogs. We must be clear that this is not always uniform insurance and depending on what we have contracted coverage’s may vary, it is usual for us to be offered additional legal assistance.

Hedges in the insurance for dogs health coverage’s

As we indicated earlier, health insurance for dogs are becoming more frequent. These insurances are also not usually rigid, that is, they can provide different coverage’s by ranges of assistance among which we will highlight:

  • Veterinary assistance through which the dog may have direct assistance when suffering from an illness or accident, including such things as scans, x-rays, surgical procedures, postoperative care, and so on. This modality sometimes comes with some copayments. Logically, the higher the level of protection, the higher the cost added to the insurance.
  • Theft coverage or loss coverage is a series of coverage’s that are associated in large measure with high-value dog breeds. In this case these coverage’s can either compensate for the value of the stolen or missing animal, or even, in other cases, help in the search processes of the pet (although it is less frequent)
  • Dental treatment, we include it separately because it is a curious coverage that has nevertheless gained space among dog owners, includes not only oral care but processes such as oral cleaning.
  • Death by accident or sacrifice of the animal: two unpleasant coverages but also present in the insurance for dogs, the first of cases the owner receives compensation in case of death by accident of the animal while in the second case the insurance company runs with the costs of slaughter and incineration.

In addition to the above we can find other coverages, not so widespread, such as the possibility of guaranteeing canine residence after a disease process or after an operation, services not strictly related to health such as day care, collection and transportation, or care home. As well as veterinary telephone 24 hours or general information on pets.

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