When you have a dog not all are properly aware that it is mandatory in certain cases to insure their dogs as well as driving is a liability for what it takes to have a car insurance, it is to have a pet. Pet owners have a civil liability when owning a pet or in this case a dog.

Although it does not seem like having a dog and if it is a potentially dangerous breed carries potential risks for third parties, so it is best to find out if the breed is potentially dangerous. Failure to do so must face the possibility of being held liable for damages or damages that the dog may cause to third parties, property of others or other dogs or even an accident. For all this and the health coverages for the dog and care is better to contract a dog insurance, there are several possibilities in the market.

Although it is not compulsory to contract a dog insurance, If it is obligatory to hire a policy that will cover an indemnity.

Insurance for dogs
In Spain, those residing in Madrid or in the Basque Country, in these communities the legislation obligatorily requires that the owners contract a Liability Insurance for dogs regardless of race and size. Although such insurance does not have a previously established coverage, it covers damages caused by the dog to third parties or goods.

There are possible scenarios in which it is better to have the dog assured:

Let the dog escape and cause a road accident
The dog causes minor to severe injuries to whoever touches it inside or outside its space
Have the dog have a fight with another dog
In each of these scenarios, the responsibility lies with the owner of the dog regardless of whether it is he who carries the dog when the incident occurs. So you must take care of and pay for material damages, in addition to taking legal action. Regardless of whether or not it is mandatory, a Civil Liability Insurance is highly recommended.

Pet insurance goes far beyond compulsory insurance according to dog breeds. As we will see throughout this article the safe dogs, in this case, are very widespread and cover very diverse coverages. We will discover the main keys when it comes to hiring insurance for dogs.

It is obvious that the owner of a pet always looks for the best for his animal. Within these options, and of course after the necessary care and attention, health insurance and coverages under certain circumstances have grown very important in recent years, insurance that go much further than we said about liability coverages civil rights for dangerous dog breeds and reach issues such as pet health insurance.

When a pet is acquired, responsibilities and obligations are acquired, among them, of course, those related to the health of the pet. The costs of veterinarians, in this case the costs of veterinarians for dogs, are in the long run a high cost but can be more or less sustainable if we limit ourselves to periodic checks, however, when health emergencies arise or when it comes of races with particularities related to your health, costs can skyrocket and home insurance coverage’s here a very important role.


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