All you need to know about what are dog insurance and Types of Insurance for Dogs !!

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All you need to know about what are dog insurance and Types of Insurance for Dogs !!

In general in dog insurance we will find a great similarity with health insurance for people. However, we must never forget that it is not health insurance to use logically. This type of policy is to cover animal protection, precisely to avoid the damage to the pocket that may involve unexpected visits to the veterinarian, surgical procedures, or long processes of pet disease.

These insurance, which are not mandatory, are generally accompanied by third party liability. Remember that not all dog breeds are required to maintain insurance by civil liability law, only so-called potentially dangerous dogs must legally own this insurance, however, more and more dog owners are choosing to go to a complete insurance, which includes both the civil liability and the protection of your pet, regardless of whether or not it is cataloged within that group of potentially dangerous dogs.

Types of Insurance for Dogs

There are different types of insurance for dogs. As we will see, within the multi-risk home insurance, we can also include our pets, we will see then the most common situations and the most common proposals in types of insurance for dogs.

Within the multi-risk policies we can include private and family liability insurance. Our dogs may also be included within these liability insurance although, we must take into account that it is not a very common option, and that usually contemplate very basic coverages.

This means that multi-risk of the household, which may include insurance of the pet’s liability, will only cover the damages that the pet can cause to third parties, never what happens to the pet.

We will find different models of inclusion of pets, in this case of dogs, in a home insurance. Sometimes this inclusion is going to be free, but, the most common is the added payment. In the first case coverages will be the most basic, while when we are asked for an extra payment coverages are usually added.

In any case, we can often include our pet within the home insurance. Obviously the most appropriate option when we want to extend the coverage and safety of our animals is to take out insurance for dogs.

Insurance companies develop very different models of animal insurance in which, as we will see, we can find a wide range of coverages including those in which as owners of the pet we are present. We will see below some of the most interesting coverings within the dog insurance.

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