An app that recognizes dog breeds and collects them – Download it

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
An app that recognizes dog breeds and collects them – Download it

You can train an artificial intelligence system to recognize a dog breed with just photograph it. For this you just have to teach the algorithm thousands of photos of dogs indicating what race they belong, so that you know the information with the new photos that are sent.

ES is the method that you have followed to create the application that I tell you today, an app that recognizes 117 races of the more than 300 existing throughout the world, although they comment that Iran will add new races every day.

It is all, application that began as an exercise to learn Android Apps development and Machine Learning and that has been transformed into an available product for any user who wants it.

The operation is simple: we make a photo of a dog and we look forward to the result on the app. If you recognize the race, it will put it in our collection album, as if it were a chrome, since the goal of the “game” is to complete the 117 races (and the new ones that come arriving).

ALLGS is a free app for Android, and in this first phase it does not have many more functionalities, but it does allow sharing the result of the collection with friends.

Who has created allgers

The person responsible for the application is Jesús Ernesto Valdez Almaral, Mobile Developer (Android and IOS) with experience in image processing, automatic learning, mechanical, electronics and automation.

He is responsible for the Blog Hackaprende, where he shares knowledge about design, programming and technological entrepreneurship.

Jesus comments on Produst how everything started:

I started all of all things I really wanted to know (mainly mobile development and automatic learning), it turned out to be a very funny application so I decided to launch it for the world, it is an honor for me to share it here with you.

In the app we can see the tab of each photographed dog, with the characteristics of the breed (weight, character and more), so in addition to entertaining, it is quite educational for all dog lovers.

Although I personally do not like to classify dogs for races, I recognize that the idea is quite interesting.

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