An app to train your dog? Pavlov Dog Monitor

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An app to train your dog? Pavlov Dog Monitor

The application is currently only available for iOS, and specifically for the iPad.

The 1904 Nobel Prize in Medicine, Iván Pávlov, and his experiments with his dog that gave rise to the classic conditioning, inspired the creation of an application called ‘Pavlov Dog Monitor’ with which its developers want users to learn to train their pets in their closed and limited urban space environments.

“Long working hours and night outings usually end in pets that howl and suffer due to the anxiety of separation with their owners. Pavlov Dog Monitor is a simple and interactive way for pet owners to train and monitor the behavior of their animals, ”said app creator Phillip Angert.

The operation of the application is that the user records short messages on video for the pet with messages of scolding or congratulations, and then use them to influence the dog’s behavior when its owner is not at home.

This is through the use of the device’s microphone, which detects when the dog barks or is silent, before which it shows the appropriate video for each situation. The developers say that in a few sessions, the anxious pets begin to adapt to not receive the previously recorded challenge from their owners.

With each use the application adapts to the behavior of the pet, and can be configured for other types of message besides scolding or congratulations. The application costs US $ 4.99 in the App Store, and is only available for iPads running iOS 5.0 or higher.

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