Laura Kääriäinen, the Finnish sled champion, faced a Land Rover SUV with her six husky dogs.

Land Rover took one of its SUV Discovery Sport to one of the few places with snow in warm Europe: Vesileppis ski tunnel in Finland, where he faced in a singular competition against a dog sled.

Taking advantage of the fact that Laura Kääriäinen, the Finnish sled champion, and her six husky dogs needed training, the automaker recorded a video in which, although from the beginning there are no doubts about who will win, the final result is more than entertaining.

The undulating tunnel is carved into the rocky bed 35 meters underground and maintained at a constant -2 ° C to maintain a blanket of snow 20 millimeters thick throughout the summer, making it the ideal place to test the SUV.

Leaving in opposite directions, dogs achieve a top speed of 35 kilometers per hour, while the SUV has to deal with a number of obstacles that slow down their speed … and show their virtues.

l Land Rover Discovery Sport is the most popular vehicle of the brand, reaching 200 thousand units sold since its launch in 2014. With capacity for five people, in our country is available with two engine options, a turbo 2.0 liter and 240 horsepower and a turbo diesel of identical displacement but with 190 horses. Both propellers come with the 9-speed automatic transmission.


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