Ask for a home veterinarian with the Vet2GO App – Download Android/IOS

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Ask for a home veterinarian with the Vet2GO App – Download Android/IOS

There are already many services that you can enjoy directly at your home, without the need to move anywhere, such as hairdressers, physiotherapists, caregivers, etc.

However to date If you suffered an emergency with your pet there was no more option than going to a veterinary clinic.

Vet2go is an app that disrupts in this business and allows users to ask for a veterinarian at home. For now it is available and operative only in the Community of Madrid.

This offers great advantages for both you and your best friend. You will not lose time to scroll, your dog or cat will not be stressed and will be treated in a family environment and if he is very bad, they can help him without having to move it.

How does it work

To start in Vet2Go, the first thing you should do is create an account in the application. You must contribute your name, surname, email, phone and password. Once these data is supplied and verified your email address (you will receive an email to click on a link and do it), you can already enter the application.

The appearance of Vet2go gives some air to Glovo. In the central part there is a button in which you can ask for an appointment. For this, it indicates the address you want the veterinarian to go. Then he registers the pet that is going to be the patient. Add your name, species, race, gender, date of birth and details of sterilization.

Finally, fix the day and time that comes well so that the professional goes to your house. You can mark half-hour stripes. You can also book gaps on the weekend, although on Saturday afternoon and Sunday throughout the day are considered as emergency.

Once this first query appointment has been scheduled with the vete, it will propose new services through the app to book whenever you want.

Vet2go rates

Within the main menu of the APP there are other options in the form of spheres. There is a basket section, another pets for all the information of your hairy, another appointments to see the next and one last store that is not operative for now. In the fingerprint icon of the lower part you can have access to notifications and messages that arrive.

Vet2Go is available free of charge at Google Play and the App Store. Vet2Go rates are indicated in the application itself. A normal consultation costs about 50 euros and vaccination can come out for about 45 euros. However, for certain cases there are reduced prices.

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