Dogs and chocolate are incompatible, so dogs can not eat chocolate no matter how much they look at it, they sneeze, drool and beg with their eyes. It seems something harmless that we do not think it can hurt our dog, but it does. Chocolate can even intoxicate your dog, it can even put your life at risk if the amount of chocolate is too large.

’’ If a dog eats chocolate he may suffer cardiac arrest ,,

This is due to one of the components of chocolate, theobromine, which acts as caffeine by speeding up the heart rate. The problem is that dogs have difficulty metabolizing and accumulate, increasing their pulse rate and increasing the chances of suffering cardiac arrest and die. The purer the more toxic and dangerous chocolate is. However, that does not mean that dogs can eat white chocolate because it contains high doses of sugar and lactose, which do not make dogs feel good. That is why, if we do not want our dog to die, we must prevent dogs from eating any chocolate, either in a tablet or in a dessert, in order to avoid a dog intoxication and life in danger.

Small dogs need less than large dogs to undergo chocolate intoxication: with only 15 grams of dark chocolate or 110 grams of milk chocolate, small breeds can become intoxicated.

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