Chile: Rescued two puppies from a tar pit

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Chile: Rescued two puppies from a tar pit

A video shows that rescue was very hard and painful for the puppies, which fortunately now are well.

It is difficult to understand at times how there are such bad and cruel people capable of torturing a defenseless animal with the sole purpose of seeing how it suffers. The laws in Chile almost never condemn animal abuse or torture and that is why it is not a novelty to encounter images as frightening as the one that was seen in the region of Antofagasta:

A pit of tar in the middle of the desert, full of dead dogs and others who howled desperately to get out. With this horrific scene was a group of young people belonging to the Team Airsoft AXIOS, who without the experience, or the necessary means, acted immediately to save two dogs that were still alive, which were rescued successfully.

Two unforgivable crimes occurred at kilometer 10 of the route that links the cities of Antofagasta and Calama. A highly contaminated tar pit poured in the middle of the desert, with no one responsible for the situation, and one of the most horrible animal torture cases we’ve seen lately: at least 5 dead dogs were floating in the black swamp and two others tried to escape. There is no possibility that the dogs arrived there on their own, some disheartening being “human” threw them into the tar will we ever know the responsible? Difficult.

Inside the dark panorama the two pups saved with life thanks to the quick act of improvised rescuers, who were in the place to carry out another activity. As they could throw ropes and other gadgets, that added to the work in equipment they managed to remove from the sticky toxic pond the two small quadrupeds, that left all dirty and paralyzed of fear.

This video shows the difficult and painful rescue. And later a young man is shown who assists one of the dogs and comments on the situation.

The young people cleaned the dogs and then transferred them to veterinarians who checked the health of the puppies. Later the puppies went to the custody of the Abandoned Cats of Antofagasta organization and are waiting for a family to adopt them.

It is necessary to emphasize the admirable work of young Team Airsoft AXIOS and of all those that later helped the puppies in different ways. But it is urgent that those responsible are found and that they receive an exemplary punishment so that we do not have to find more news like this.

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