Clash of Clans receives one of its biggest updates with a new village !!

samerLast Update : Wednesday 7 August 2019 - 5:12 AM
Clash of Clans receives one of its biggest updates with a new village !!

Clash of Clans passed to the rear after triumphing Clash Royale, but Supercell does not abandon him. Now it is updated with a new village: Builders Base.

If we talk about a key game in the history of Supercell, surely many of us are targeting Clash Royale, but it was his predecessor who laid the groundwork for the company’s huge success. This had been left behind in terms of developer attention, but that has been so far: Supercell updates Clash of Clans with a lot of news. They haven’t sat quite right, by the way.

The minor updates have been populating Clash of Clans until today: Supercell has introduced the biggest changes in the game for quite some time. Starting with a new village: the Builders Base. Now you can repair the wrecked ship if you have a city hall level 4 to “cross the puddle” in search of a new world.

The new village changes the mechanics of Clash of Clans

Supercell sought to refresh the game to not only reward the usual players, but also to attract again those who stopped playing. Enter a new village that has a very easy barrier to reach: anyone with a city hall level 4 can embark in search of the Builders Base. There comes the night so that we can differentiate the original village from the last one introduced.

The Builders Base seeks maximum simplicity, so we will not have to worry about training troops or grouping the walls. In addition, we will not be able to attack if we are not in front of the other player. The town hall is changed to a Builders Workshop and will have its own gold and elixir. That is to say: what you earn in the old village will not serve you for the new one. And vice versa.

Among the highlights of this update are:

  • Clashes: This new battle mode confronts opponents face to face.
  • New functions: The archer tower can exchange between fast or long distance attack; troops will have a harder time dodging multiple mortar.
  • New structures Crusher, Push Trap, Gem Mine and Clock Tower.
  • New habilities: Sneaky archers and giant boxer.
  • New troops In the most recent village we will find the Bomber and the Canyon with wheels.
  • New hero. The Master Builder will join the battle when you have reached level 5 of the Builder Workshop.

Apart from the news, the update of Clash of Clans also brings the relevant balance changes in order to balance the game for all players.

Changes that regular players have not liked

There have been many innovations introduced, but not those expected to renew in depth Clash of Clans. The fighting should improve, Supercell should add new campaigns, new game modes ruin the experience of those who are starting to play … Hopefully the company will listen to the suggestions and bring the necessary changes to Clash of Clans so that it is not abandoned by the players .

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