Command & Conquer: Rivals, download the famous strategy game [APK] – Android

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Command & Conquer: Rivals, download the famous strategy game [APK] – Android

When EA announced that it had a new edition of the legendary Command & Conquer for mobiles, there were many mixed feelings of those who claimed that adapting the game to Free to Play was little less than a sacrilege. Since then a lucky few have tried the game before its final release, but now anyone can install it.

NOD Brotherhood or Global Defense: you choose. And in the same way you choose whether ‘Command & Conquer: Rivals’ is a worthy successor to the saga or not. Try it now and give your verdict by downloading it from Google Play or the App Store.

The best thing is that you do not compare this Command & Conquer with the originals, as they are not the same type of games. They share many elements and technically it could be said that it is also a real-time strategy game, but here the objective is to slaughter the adversary through the control of strategic points and the consequent launch of missiles.

The game looks quite apparent on a tablet and at the moment it achieves a 4.8 note in the App Store and a 3.8 in Google Play, which is not bad for the critic that followed its announcement. One thing I guarantee: if you played the previous Command & Conquer, nostalgia is likely to involve you in some moments. It is different, yes, but also similar.

Command & Conquer: Rivals PVP and its multiplayer

The troops we can generate are divided between soldiers, land vehicles and air vehicles. We must know how to use each of the different troops to attack vehicles that fire missiles or, instead, assign infantry units that pounce on others that have rocket launchers as their highest distinction.

We must be quick in generating those troops necessary to attack or defend the enemy, just as our opponent will have to do the same. Other options we have is to build attack turrets that can be located near those bases that we will conquer. That said, to maintain a base like ours we must always have a troop in one of its 3 hexes.

As we go through the tutorial, very well presented to find out everything, and made some victories, we will find that we have to get new cards to assign those powerful troops with which we can split the corduroy in combat. That is to say, that we face the freemium mode fully and the one that has generated greater criticism from the fans of the series.

Yes, there are loot boxes and cards and also in-app purchases, but who doesn’t have them today? In-app purchases range from 2.29 euros for 200 diamonds to 109.99 euros for 15,000. And with those diamonds you can buy credits. And with those credits you can buy cards.

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