The new filter attributes charitable aspects to your pet’s face, with large and expressive eyes, very Disney style.

The fun filters for photos or videos allow you to play and see yourself in different fun appearances have invaded, a few years ago, social networks and once again, innovated with a new one.

Among so many applications and filters that allow you to transform your face into an endless number of things, there are not many that allow people to “play” with the appearance of your pets while you take photos of them and have a fun time.

But with the new filter you can give your precious pet the characteristics of a character from Disney movies. That’s right, you can transform his face to a more cartoonish way, with very large, expressive and tender eyes, like the typical features of the characters of the Mickey Mouse company.

For this reason, the application called this novelty as “Cartoon Face”, which allows your dog or feline to be more adorable than they already are.

The filter is already popular and many people in the world are already testing it. Here we leave you more evidence of the results of some pets that have already been victims of their owners with the new filter «Cartoon Face»:

Awesome. Snapchat returns to surprise all fans of cartoons. The videos and photos app for Android and iPhone smartphones became a trend on Facebook and other social networks, due to the fact that its recent update brings filters for dogs, turning them into Disney characters.

The filter that transforms you from baby to old man in seconds

Seeking to boost its popularity, Snapchat has introduced its own “time machine”, a technology inspired by the viral trend that caused FaceApp with the filter to age faces in seconds.

Instagram: eternal rival will allow users to create funny Gifs with their face

Snapchat, the eternal rival of Instagram, returns to the fray with a new feature that promises to revolutionize the messages. After the great success of the “baby filter”. Now the social network will allow its users to create crazy Gifs with their face, that is, the Cameos.

These Cameos are a kind of small videos or Gifs with sound in which your face will be inserted in order to make you participate in the animation. For this, Snapchat makes use of augmented reality and its extensive knowledge of facial recognition; transferring the features to a series of predefined shorts so that you can send a crazy video made by you and with you.

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