Crash Team Racing: a frantic return – Download APK (Android/IOS) !!

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Crash Team Racing: a frantic return – Download APK (Android/IOS) !!

Crash Team Racing is a new version of the classic PlayStation 1 title, console for which it was originally released in 1999.

For a long time considered the Playstation mascot, Crash Bandicoot brought with it a cunning attitude, devilish platforms, and a game system that perfectly matched the use of 3D graphics. While other sagas of platforms like those of Nintendo opted for open worlds thanks to the new hardware, this game used new and changing camera angles to guide us through one-way corridors but full of challenges and new mechanics. The relaunched racing sensation, where its protagonists get on fast karts and go crazy tracks, premiered on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pointing not only to nostalgia, but to a bright and electrifying future.

When the original Crash Team Racing was published in October 1999, his first fans praised a video game that competed directly with Super Mario Kart, the first titan of the genre.

At that time, the battle was between the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation 1, the avant-garde consoles of that era. The players, meanwhile, divided their opinions between the two titles, enjoying both a colorful and speedy world.

20 years later, Crash Team Racing, originally published by Naughty Dog, responsible for other great titles such as the Uncharted and The Last Of Us sagas, returned to the ring, this time developed by Beenox, who exceeded expectations in a remastered version worthy of Compete in the current market.

Crash and his friends, enemies and crazy companions returned to the most modern consoles after the launch of the Insane Trilogy of Crash Bandicoot, one of the most acclaimed platform video games of recent years. This time, the turn was for the racing title, where the enemy is not Cortex but an invading alien.

As in the classic game, a space invader threatens Crash and his competing colleagues with destroying the earth and turning it into a huge cement parking lot, unless they defeat him in a frantic race. With this mission on the horizon, the player must embody Bandicoot or other runners to defeat this alien enemy.

The graphic level of Crash Team Racing, known by its acronym CTR, is of very high quality, being an almost exact representation of the same tracks and characters that included the original PlayStation 1 title. On this occasion, the presentation of the video game is worthy of the new generation of consoles and it is pleasant to be filled with nostalgia when visiting again such a popular game among lovers of the genre.

A return

With its different modes, among which are the main adventure, races between friends locally and online or battles, the game offers hundreds of hours of fun and entertainment, at the cost of a medium-high level of difficulty, as was the original video game too.

The controls, traced from the PlayStation 1 era, feel more intuitive and complete than in the old version and integrate perfectly with the frantic racing and the speed of their vehicles.

In addition, the game offers the possibility of changing some buttons to make the player experience more customizable.

As for the gameplay, Crash Team Racing is a unique opportunity, offering the best of the past with the latest technology, delivering an experience not only nostalgic and to remember past times, but to immerse yourself in your universe as if it were a video game brand new.

One of its biggest advantages is that, unlike many other games of recent years, it does not include any type of micro transactions, allowing players to acquire aesthetic improvements for their characters and go-karts without any cost in the real world .

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