Easily and cheaply create a cute coat to protect your dog from the cold and keep it cool.

Puppies who have little fur are very cold in winter, the textile industry, aware of the dogs are like children for some masters, has created a variety of clothes that not only shelter, they also deliver style and glamor to your pet. The problem is that these garments can be very expensive. That’s why we present a simple tutorial to conserve your pet if you are a great designer.

Remember that the clothes of the dog not only takes care of winter, with thinner fabrics you can make a garment that makes all the dogs of the neighborhood envidien your can. For the cold it is necessary to occupy warm but not heavy fabrics, since the main idea is that the animal is comfortable. The polar fleece is a very good option, it is soft, light, easy to wash and dry, something very useful, since these quadrupeds are experts in getting dirty.

To create our dog coat we need:

– Main (visible), choose your design and the right material according to the season. The size of the fabric depends on the size of your pet, approximately twice its length and width. You can recycle a jeans or large polar garment that you no longer use.
Secondary fabric, this fabric will not be seen so even you can use an old sheet or another garment, this fabric will go inside and will cover the seams, look for a fresh if you are going to make a summer coat.
1/2 meter of Velcro about 5cm wide (will be left).
Tape measure.
– Sewing machine or thread and needle.


  • Step 1: Measure the contour of the neck and contour of the abdomen of the but, then measure from the neck to where the tail begins.
  • Step 2: You have to cut both fabrics (same cut) in one piece, thus saving you seams and is simpler. The cut is made respecting the length measures of the dog. The cut resembles that of a fish with a rectangular tail. (watch video)
  • Step 3: Affix both fabrics (the side that will be visible is flipped) along the edges with the pins, sew the mold leaving a free side to turn.
  • Step 4: Mark a circle by giving a couple of centimeters more to measure the neck of your dog, where the head will pass (see video). Cut and sew
  • Step 5: Turn the garment sew the free part and add the Velcros at each end.

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