Create Funny NFTs And Cartoons Metaverse With Your Photo With Dogs and Pets!

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Create Funny NFTs And Cartoons Metaverse With Your Photo With Dogs and Pets!

San Francisco, USA November 23, 2021. Since Facebook changed its name to goal, the word metaverse appears everywhere. But what is a metaverso? ” That was everyone’s question after the Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, revealed the goal commitment of creating an immersive and interactive virtual world that simulates our physical plane.

Metaverse, in little words, is a shared virtual world and, according to that definition, it is not something new. You can spend hours and hours in Minecraft and Roblox, which offer collaborative game experiences similar to those of metovers.

And if we go back further back, platforms such as Second Life, Imvu, Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin were fashionable.

Metaverse is not a new concept, but it is evolving towards a new space that makes “Ready Player One” looks like a avant -garde film.

At present, we can place a virtual reality headset (a screen and headphones system) such as the Oculus Quest 2 Headset and interact with users worldwide, from Shanghai to Santiago.

Metaverse is even taking over the workplace. It is possible to visit the Facebook office at RV.


It seemed that we had totally resolved the issue of “metaverse.” After all, we already knew many shared virtual worlds, until a tweet appeared that woke us sharply, and we realized how much we underestimate the scope and magnitude of metovers.

And what is even more impressive, is that a Twiteo person who is earning US $ 4,000 a week thanks to a virtual gas station with an NFT (non-fungible tokens) in a playing world called Polkacy. “That is much more than what they pay in a real gas station,” published @Thecoffeeblock on Twitter. “Cryptocurrencies are absolutely absurd!”

This passive income, we refer to that of the NFT digital service station is, in fact, legitimate. The world of cryptocurrencies is full of risky protocols that allow investors to gain surprisingly high interest rates about their digital assets, especially if they are the first to adopt a token. To attract investors to buy their tokens, developers often seduce them with a high APY rewards system (Annual Percentage Yield) – we are talking about 20%, 50% and even 300% annual performance. However, this is not always the ideal scenario for investors. Some tokens end up being coins without any value. However, from time to time, one of those new tokens becomes a jewel, and Polkacy is one of them.

The lucky fireman

The fascinating character, owner of the fruitful Polkacity Nft is known as Crypto Sensei on Twitter. It is about Robert Doyle, 37, who foreseen the appearance of virtual real estate long before the metaverse became the fashionable word that is today.

Doyle explains, “that’s right, I saw him come. I have played videogames since I was young. Normally, when you play a videogame, weapons your team and spend innumerable hours with all these things, but then that’s it! You can not sell that material. It is only in your account. But with games based on Blockchain, new doors are actually opened, since now one owns digital assets with whom it is played ».

For example, my co-worker Rami Tabari recently bought a bike of US $ 30 in Final Fantasy XIV. Tabari called her “sexy” and told me that he can walk with her for the game and presume from the new bike of him, but what happens when he gets bored?

He can not do anything with the speck. He can not resell it in a market or win interests with her. The motorcycle stays inside FFXIV accumulating digital dust. However, thanks to the appearance of games of the “Play-to-Earn” type, such as Axie Infinity, the assets of the game -normally coined as NFTS- have really resale value outside the metaverse, where players can get benefits from their shopping.

Doyle, expert in discovering high-risk and high-performance cryptoprotocols for your Discord Cryptonairz community, touched six months ago with Polkacity, a game of Blockchain with a complementary token of the same name (Polc). Polkacity allows users to buy real estate based on NFT in the game, including gas stations, gyms, art galleries, clubs among others.

“It’s a bet,” said Doyle. “But I told myself:‘ You know what? This game could be really great. ‘

Doyle took a jump of faith and bought a virtual gas station inside Polkacy. He disbursed 23,000 polc on the NFT. At that time, the POLC quoted about 10 cents, so Doyle actually paid US $ 2,300 for the gas station. As cherry cherry, the gas station distributes an incredible 358% APY in interest. Today the POLC is valued at US $ 1.60 and Doyle now wins US $ 16,000 per month, thanks to a service station that does not even exist (at least, not in the physical field).

And attention: the gas station is not the only NFT that Doyle bought in the game. “I have a bank, an advertising road sign, four motorcycles and a helicopter,” he said. The motorcycle and the road sign seemed especially interesting. Motorcycles are the fastest land vehicle in Polkacy, so I suspect they will be very demanded by players who want to pass through the city quickly. The road signs can lease third parties who want to put ads in the game and the owners receive part of the income.

Polkacy: a new blockchain game that is promoted as the “Grand Theft Auto” If you visit the official Polkacy website, you will find a market where you can buy pets, vehicles, airplanes, propeller backpacks and cameras, as well as hairdressers, sports stadiums, clubs, art galleries and the game star, gas stations.

So what can you do exactly with his service station in the game? According to the informal guide of the game and mechanics for Polkacy NFTS, vehicles in Polkacy begin daily with a free tank, but when gasoline runs out, they have two options: wait until the next day or buy gasoline in a gas station.

However, what is even more disconcerting is that Polkacy has not yet been released. The launch of it is scheduled for December 2021, so how do I give is gaining amazing figures with its gas station and other NFTS assets?

“The way in which any new project works is that they need people to begin to finance the game and buy tokens, whether NFTS or whatever,” said Doyle. “People who arrive first are usually the most benefited.” In other words, and as I have indicated before, Polkacy developers encouraged investors to buy in the game with attractive NFTS of Alto Asy.

Fortunately for Doyle, his gas station ended up being a valuable investment, but it is important to point out that not everything was luck. He is an expert in deep research and using market capitalization mathematics to determine if a token has great growth potential, and he got it with Polkacy.

“95% of the Coins Meme are some type of fraud, or are not useful, or do not have adequate equipment, or they are simply trying to earn money quickly,” said Doyle, adding that he is proud to conduct adequate investigations before sharing Tokens projects with your Cryptonairz Discord community.

“If we cannot get a meeting [with the creators of Token] or a conversation to answer some basic questions and thus get a real idea of ​​what is happening, we will not publish that project,” said Doyle. As he will have already guessed, Doyle contacted the creators of Polkacy to confirm his legitimacy. “I contacted them through LinkedIn and some questions answered me,” he said. “It was one of those things that in the end did work.”

«But, if the game fails, I can still recover my money by obtaining a decent gain with everything I did after covering my costs. There is always a risk, ”said Doyle.

The CEO of Polkacy, Carmelo Milian, said, «I want to build a metaverse with a virtual economy where the line between virtual reality and real life is so diffuse that we no longer need to have a job. I cannot assure if this nebula fusion of the physical and virtual worlds will have a positive effect on our society, but the only thing I can say is that it is inevitable. Will you adapt or are staying behind?

What is an NFT?

It is a question that has flooded the Google search engine while people try to discover the meaning of the fashion word. NFT is the acronym of Non-Fungible Token, but what does that mean? Well, before explaining what “non-fungible” means, we are going to immerse ourselves in the definition of fungible.

“Fungible” describes a good that can be easily exchanged by another well within the same kind of assets. For example, if I have a ticket of US $ 100 and I change it for five tickets of US $ 20, no one would doubt this exchange because they have the same value. As such, the US dollar is fungible. The crypto divisas such as Dogecoin and Ethereum are also fungible: we can easily change a bitcoin by another without problems.

On the other hand, the term “non-fungable” refers to a unique good in its kind that can not be easily exchanged for another well within the same asset class. Non-fungible tokens are also indivisible, That is, they can not be divided into smaller denominations in the same way that one dollar can be divided into four quarters.

For example, the marriage ring of her greatness is not fungible. You can not easily change by any ring: it has great sentimental value and can not be easily changed by another jewel. Surely he would angry if someone tried to change the precious family relic of it for a broken ring. In the same way, NFTs are scarce digital assets with distinctive features, which makes it difficult to change them by another similar because it probably will not have the same value.

Now that we understand the definition of non-fungable, we are going to enter into this deeply in the NFTS and why they are making so much noise in the market of cryptomoneds.

The NFTs are unique

NFTs are unique digital goods stored in a block chain, or Blockchain (for example, Ethereum) that authenticates an asset as a genuine and original entity.

Suppose you have a couple of unique sports shoes on your gender, specifically manufactured for you by Nike. It also has an official Nike certificate that says: “There is no other shoe in the world like this.” In the same way, NFTs are digital assets created uniquely (for example, animations, graphic designs, gifs, audio files, memes and even tweets). Like your Nike shoes, the NFTs attract collectors because they come with a digital certificate of authenticity – if they want – thanks to Blockchain’s support, which shows that it is genuine and original.

Imagine that Leonardo da Vinci lived today and digitally paint the Mona Lisa using Adobe Illustrator (AI).

The followers of him in social networks would become crazy with the new portrait of him and would be viral. Recognizing the value of him, Da Vinci decides that he wants to sell it. He can convert the digital masterpiece of him into an NFT, which will be backed by Blockchain technology, showing that he is in possession of the original Lisa Mona. Da Vinci can then sell his Mona Lisa NFT to the highest bidder. Although there are many copies out there (for example, screenshots of the Lisa Mona), the DAVINCI IA file is the first and original of all the smooth mona that circulate online. An enthusiast of digital art acquires the Lisa Mona of Davinci Nft and is delighted to spend millions on it because the NFT says it has the original and authentic AI file of DAVINCI.

The London digital artist V Buckenham summed up perfectly: “An NFT is nothing more than an entry into an elegant database somewhere that he says that you are the ‘owner’ of the work of art». How does the Ethereum Blockchain authenticated the NFTS? Most NFTs are based on the Blockchain network of Ethereum. You may know what a block of blocks is, but if not, do not worry: we will explain it in simple terms.

Cryptomones such as Ethereum and Bitcoin work with a chain of blocks, a network between pairs that uses complex encryption algorithms to record the online cryiphose transactions. The block chain eliminates the need for centralized institutions such as banks. Each time someone sends or receives Bitcoins, for example, it is recorded in a public accounting book that uses an amazing amount of calculation power to guarantee the legitimacy of the transaction.

If the block chain concept seems too abstract, think so: there is a network of interconnected computers that communicate with each other to accept cryptomoned transactions. If the malicious actors want to hack Ethereum or Bitcoin, it would be very difficult because they are not just a few computers who would have to attack: there is a whole peer-to-peer network that must knock down. In order for the new Ethereum or Bitcoin data to be accepted in the block chain, a consensus is required among many pairs on the network, so if there is an anomaly, it is very likely that it is marked and rejected.

Each NFT in the Blockchain of Ethereum has a unique identification with data on who created it, its price history and more. As the cryptoralist Jesse Walden says, “when a creator coins an NFT, this information is registered in an immutable manner in the Blockchain and becomes a kind of digital passport for the work”. Centrating an NFT in Ethereum is a way in which artists and creators ensure their work (thanks to the support of the Blockchain) to guarantee the buyers who are receiving the real and original work.

What examples are there for NFTS that have sold at scandalously high prices? The Mark Cuban Multimillionaire Investor sold an NFT with a motivating appointment for US $ 1,700. He said: “No one has changed the world doing what everyone else does.” According to Business Insider, each time the NFT of it resells, Cuban receives 15% in copyright.

An NFT of a flying cat was sold for US $ 590,000. No, we’re not kidding. Aalguien bought a gif of a kitten that furls the sky with a rainbow for almost US $ 600,000.

If he thought that was crazy, wait to hear this: Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sold a NFT version of the first tuit of him by the frivolous sum of US $ 2.9 million in an auction. The Tit of 2006 says: «Just setting up my twttr».

Grimes, the singer (and mother of Elon Musk’s youngest son called X AE A-XII Musk) sold the collection of her digital art works in Nft for US $ 6 million in less than 20 seconds.

The well-known artist Mike Winklemann, also known as Beeple, sold the most expensive NFT of the history of digital art: a collage of 21,069 x 21,069 pixels from the first 5,000 days of artistic work for US $ 69 million.

These digital assets, of course, can not be touched or physically, but they are selling at incredibly high prices because someone with money to burn is salivating with the idea of ​​having original and authentic virtual works of art through the NFTs.

A Brief History of NFTS

A good starting point for the history of the NFT is a video clip that was recently sold by LeBron James. The clip lasts only a few seconds, but an amateur paid more than US $ 200,000 for him. This clip was hosted on NBA Top Shot – an online market where basketball fans can exchange videos of highlights from the NBA as if they were cards.

NBA Top Shot arose thanks to the Association between the NBA and Dapper Labs, the Blockchain company that is often credited to be the pioneer behind the NFT phenomenon.

In December 2017, Dapper Labs presented the Cryptokitties, funny digital collectibles of the style of Pokémon cards and the Beanie Babies. Each Cryptokitty was associated with a single code chain in the Ethereum Blockchain, which granted the owner of the Cryptokitty the total property of the NFT image. Although there are previous examples of NFTS, Cryptokitties is considered one of the first NFT to launch Ultra overestasted non-fatty token to market! The average price of a Cryptokitty is US $ 25, but some images of high-end NFT cats can be sold for US $ 114,481. This seems incredible, but the NFTS are very attractive for creators who seek new sources of income for their talent.

How is an NFT done?

The NFTs are becoming an important source of income for digital artists with followers, and since the creators are selling their NFTS at very high prices, people also want to know how this fashion of cryptomoneds can take advantage of. Before we can start using NFTS, we will have to check in an Ethereum digital wallet and add some ETH into it. is the most common Ethereum purse.

We will also have to create an account at the Mintable. There are other Marketplace of first-line NFTS (such as OpenSa, Superrare and Rarible where you can buy your own non-fungible tokens), but inmitable is preferred (Mark Cuban also uses it). Other platforms are more expensive, they have file limitations below 50 MB and have less desirable features.

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