Create training for dogs

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Create training for dogs

Crate training is an effective method of training your puppy for the house; crates limit their access to the house until they have learned all the house rules.

Crate also provides you with the transportation luxury, as moving the crate around is much more convenient, therefore if you look at the larger picture, crate training would benefit both you and your puppy in the scheme of events.

  • Crate Selection

Since your puppy would be spending most of his time in his crate, hence it is important to choose a crate which is comfortable for the puppy and gives him a house vibe. Crates come in all sorts of materials from plastic to metal to wood, choose the one which you think your dog would fancy, personal choices must be swept under the rug in this regard. Lastly crate should be large enough for the puppy to stand and turn around.

  • Introducing the crate

Crate should be placed at as spot where you and your family spends most time, so the puppy does not feel neglected or left away. Introduction to the crate is the pivotal part of crate training, as next steps rely on the success of this first step. Put some food treats in the crate and call your puppy gently, if he is shy or reluctant to go inside the crate, do not force him to do so as this would only spike his fear. If he is not excited by the food treats, try using his favorite toy, if still he pays no attention then try putting his feeding bowl in the crate and leave him there. This drill may take few hours or few days depending on the mood and adaptation of the puppy. However it is important that you don not force him to enter the crate as that would be a negative reinforcement and the puppy might get scared.

  • Feeding and conditioning

Once the puppy feels comfortable and cozy in the crate you must feed him inside the crate as this would help him associate with the crate as a feeding place and he would always look forward to go inside the crate. After a week or two when the puppy is completely happy in the crate, try confining him for short durations, but make sure he could hear your voice, practice this for few days and increase the time frame steadily. Don’t leave him alone in the crate unless he is completely prepared for it.

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