He had escaped on August 23 in Ramos Mejia. After a massive campaign, the owners found it in Morón. The history.

The union of people’s solidarity and social networks proved a magnificent combo for a family of Ramos Mejía who had lost one of his pups. It is that after five days of anguish, Cupido appeared in Morón after an intense search via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“It was an oversight of mine,” Clarín Sergio Marcos, a theater theatrical author, told Clarín.

“I took out the garbage at night and I did not realize that ‘Cupi’ had come out.” Other times something similar happened, barking and we realized it, this time, no.After a while, we began to despair ” for theater and television the works in which he works, for example, Peter Alfonso.

Sergio lives with his wife Analía, two daughters, two dogs and three cats and all lived almost a week of sadness and anxiety for the puppy who is 7 years old and adopted from the street when he was about two weeks old.

The girls gave him that name because he was born around February 14, Valentine’s Day. “It grabbed us desperation, but as it has a chapita with the cell phone number we thought they would find it fast.” That’s how they started the search campaign on social networks.

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“Each one took care of the one that best handles: my wife in Facebook, my eldest daughter in Instagram and I, in Twitter. I was lucky because I began to help several of the acquaintances who have thousands and thousands of followers”, said Marcos, more calmly.

And he went on: “Fortunately, the messages began to arrive, that they had seen him in Haedo, then in Isidro Casanova, and there was a difficulty: he did not let himself be caught, and when we left for the place where he had been seen, he was gone.”

The most desired moment happened today in the morning. And Sergio says it with joy: “A teacher of mathematics was going to work and from a group he saw Cupi, so he started looking for the data in the nets and called us in. This time, when Analía arrived on time. reacted with surprise and then lowered his head as if he were guilty, but then he was thrown over. ”

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Later Sergio did not stop to thank “not only to the celebrities, but also to all who contributed data to find the puppy”. A story that had, in pure tweet, happy ending.

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