Digimon Rearise leaves Japan and you can play it on your Android – DOWNLOAD

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Digimon Rearise leaves Japan and you can play it on your Android – DOWNLOAD

Cheap memories of arriving home after school, eating and turning on the television to watch one of the best series that we could enjoy in 1999. Digimon narrated the adventures of children who were mysteriously teleported to the so-called digital world, inhabited by everything kind of strangers and some even smart creatures called Digimons.

Together with some Digimons, the so-called chosen children had to fight against evil and darkness to save both the digital and the real world. The summary of the series may seem quite simple, but Digimon became a mass phenomenon among the chick and there were few discussions in the schoolyard between those who defended Pokémon and those who did the same with the Digimon.

Save the digital world from your Android phone with Digimon Rearise

Of course Digimon did not stay there. New seasons of anime, a multitude of videogames, merchandising … digital monsters invaded the real world and although it seems a lie, the phenomenon is still very much alive even today. So much so that as we read on Android Police, Namco Bandai has announced that its popular mobile title Digimon Rearise – available only for Japanese lands – will land in the West later this year.

Digimon Rearise is a free to play title in which we will face five-on-five fights following a completely original story. Undoubtedly, it is the response to the new title of Pokémon Masters with the aim of being the new fashion game among smartphone users.

Although we still do not know the exact date, – the rumors indicate the end of October – the beginning of November – we can pre-register on the Digimon Rearise website enabled for it, in this way we will not miss any detail of this title that a priori seems really fun.

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