Digital dogs for metaverse!

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
Digital dogs for metaverse!

The Digital Pets, the digital pet company, has developed a series of three-dimensional dogs driven by artificial intelligence, intended for metaverse.

These virtual dogs are protected as NFT in the Ethereum network, which will allow them to share them with other users to take care of them, train them or simply interact with them.

In addition, these NFTs will be stored as tokens ERC-721 and will be housed in the interplanetary file system (IPFS).

The objective of this project is to create in its digital laboratory various digital, intelligent and self-employed dogs that may interact with their owners in virtual reality spaces and augmented reality.

In this way, users will be able to control these animals in videogames and other virtual spaces through web applications intended for metaverse.

Likewise, users will be able to raise their own NFT dog litters and exchange them to get other unique virtual items. Each of them will have individual physical and psychological characteristics, which will differentiate them by colors, brands, fur and other traits of their personality.

That is, each pet will have various levels of intelligence, joy, curiosity, kindness, adaptability, affection and energy. The first dog created with this purpose is Laika, a digital dog prototype that is currently in the testing phase.

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