Discover how to train your dog with your Android mobile – Download Dogo !!

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Discover how to train your dog with your Android mobile – Download Dogo !!

If you are one of those people who has a dog that is a complete disaster, today we bring you the solution.

And we understand how difficult it can be to train your pet. Much more if your occupations do not allow it. But do not worry, in this post we will tell you how to do it with your mobile.

Meet Dogo, the application to train your dog

Dogo is an application designed so that users can train their dog easily. This app offers you a lot of tricks and tactics for your dog to do everything you’ve dreamed of. Using it correctly, and with a little luck, you can have a very polite dog that follows your orders.

The tricks offered by the application are divided by training level. That is, before using it we must be clear that our pet is capable. Dogo has 14 different levels in which your dog will be classified as it progresses in training.

The possibilities offered by Dogo for your dog to be an expert are virtually endless. In the first levels you can get your pet to lay, sit or bring his own leash. In the intermediate levels your dog will learn to walk without running or to die. And in the last levels, in theory, you can already knock on the door, as another member of your family.

How does Dogo work?

The operation of this app is very friendly and simple, it could not be otherwise if we talk about dogs. Once the downloads, you must register your dog with all its data. At the time of registration you must enter your name, race and date of birth. If you wish you can add a photo to your pet’s profile.

No matter how many dogs you have, the app will not put any limits on you if you want to register them. Dogo will also send you notifications to remind you of the training time you have set.

The application has four categories that will improve your experience. The first one is the Clicker, which is a sound that the app emits to call your pet. The second is Tricks, where all available tactics will appear for you to train your dog. Another category is Profile, which is where you should register your best friend. While in Settings you can make, to the app, all the operating settings you want. So if you are a dog lover or your pet is disobedient, you cannot stop having this app.

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