Dog training tips; using treats properly!

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Dog training tips; using treats properly!

Dog training is a time consuming task, and in initial stages where you are trying to establish and nourish a connection with your puppy, the real challenge arises.

It is important to learn about your puppy and how he behaves in certain situations, you must have all the tools in your arsenal, as training a puppy is like going to battle and you don’t go to battlefield underprepared, so here are few trick for the treats.

  • Getting started

Treats are an integral component of early training as they lie in the category of tangible rewards; unlike praise young puppies are super excited about treats and owners must take full advantage of this excitement. Whenever your puppy responds to a command treat him with a treat, for instance once he masters the sit command you could give him a treat. Moreover you could also use treats to teach your puppy certain commands.

  • Use them wisely

Excessive use of even good things is bad and the case is no different with treats, you must use them miserly and wisely. Avoid using table scrap or human food as treats since it is unhealthy for your puppy. Always use dog food as treat, as it contains the right proportion of nutrients necessary for your puppy. Lastly treats should not constitute more than 10% of your puppy’s diet.

  • Don’t over use

Owners tend to make this mistake time and again, and this practice is not encouraged at all, but the temptation to see your puppy perform tasks for the first time is so strong and powerful that it becomes impossible to resist. Puppies are smart and once they get to understand they are going to get a treat for a certain task, they would willingly perform it, but after some time they would only perform it when offered a treat. Therefore in order to avoid such behavior use treats smartly and carefully.

  • Gradually reduce treats

Once our puppy has mastered a command, reduce the number of treats and only use it occasionally. This practice helps you develop a strong bond with your dog and also keeps him interested. Remember too much monotony is not good for your dog; neither as an abrupt change therefore take this slowly and gradually. Moreover if you want to build a strong bond with your puppy, you must refrain from the excessive use of treats and once in a while treat could prove more helpful in doing so.

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