DogBuddy, earn money taking care of other dogs with just one click with your iPhone

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DogBuddy, earn money taking care of other dogs with just one click with your iPhone

Are you going on vacation and have no one to leave your dog with? We show you an application that will solve your problem.

Although for many our pets are part of the family, such as a son or a brother, it is very difficult and expensive to be able to go on vacation and continue enjoying their company. Without wanting to enter into social opinions, in iPadizate we present you DogBuddy.

DogBuddy is an application that you will find other users near your area who are willing to take care of your dog. In addition, you can earn money taking care of other dogs or just walking them.

In short, with DogBuddy you can find someone to take care of your dog at a very affordable price or take care of other dogs and earn money for you.

How DogBuddy works if you are the one looking for a caregiver

If you are looking for a temporary home for your dog, you will only have to enter DogBuddy, search your area and choose the service you need: accommodation, daycare or a simple walk. The date you need the service and choose the caregiver you like best. It is best that you look at their rating and comments from other users.

In addition, for your peace of mind, DogBuddy has both veterinary insurance of up to 1,000 euros, and civil liability insurance of up to 2M euros. So, in case of any unforeseen event, you and your dog will be financially covered and safe.

How DogBuddy works in case you are the one who takes care of other dogs

In case you are the caregiver, you will have to fill out an evaluation questionnaire that you will have to approve and DogBuddy will have to rate you as suitable for pet care. Not everyone is worth the care of our dogs, and it is a respite to know that our pet will be in good hands.

Putting the ad is completely free, and for this we will have to answer some questions and fill in some sections. As for example if we have dogs or other pets at home, if we have a patio or garden, etc.

In addition, as a secure payment, DogBuddy completely prohibits payment by hand, so that it must be made through the application or web by bank transfer or PayPal. They even recommend declining payment by hand or we will be permanently removed from DogBuddy.

My experience with DogBuddy

After my experience with DogBuddy I can only tell you that it is the best I could have done. As I said at the beginning, going on vacation is not easy. Either because very few places accept pets, or if they do it comes out much more expensive. Then go to the beach, for example, and that entry to these is prohibited and the poor animal must be left alone.

I don’t know about you, but these types of situations put me in such a commitment that I ended up canceling my vacation so I can enjoy the company of my dog. Who for me is much more than a pet.

Then I discovered DogBuddy, and apart from meeting people who love animals as much as you do, you know that your dog will be fine. And that later you can be the one who helps other people to go on vacation with the same tranquility that you have left. Is it or isn’t it great?

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