Dogo app is user-friendly and offers a highly interactive experience for users, since the app is all about ‘dog community’, hence they arrange regular challenges.

Dog trainers are asked to upload pictures of their dogs and puppies doing specific actions and exercises. Only a handful of dog training app offer these kind of challenges and Dogo is one of those. The main reason behind these challenges is to create an inspiring environment for dog trainers, as they get to gauge the performance of other dogs. This motivates them and fills them with an urge to do better with their dog.

There are several types of challenges, conducted by Dogo app, but in order to participate you must first download the Dogo app from play store. These challenges include posting picture of your dog sticking a tongue out, or posting a snapshot of your puppy wearing his Halloween clothes alongside many more. These sort of challenges keep dog owners on their feet and they get a ‘kick of motivation’ as they go through a plethora of pictures doing the same task.  Since dog training, sometimes turns into a frustratingly repetitive routine, therefore it is super important for you to stay motivated and these challenges do just the same.

Moreover it is a global app, hence you could also explore different breeds on your phone. You don’t have to do extra research and browse for finding a specific breed, all you need to do is download the Dogo app and get started. Challenges are also great for building up a competitive environment, hence if you have a bunch of friends you could also participate in such challenges and then see who wins. This helps in going that extra mile with your dog, and in the end it is this training that makes all the difference.

If you want to enter into the Dog app challenge, firstly you would need to download the Dogo app from play store, and signup using your Google or Facebook id. Once you’ve done that you can click on challenges and which ones are open. Remember that there are daily challenges, then they have weekly challenges, so choose one and enter the contest by uploading the picture of your dog. Dogo app is great for dog training and these challenges are great fun as you get to see real people with their dogs and it is a highly satisfying experience.

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