When cats and dogs get to know each other from a young age they can generate a friendship that despite their differences is maintained over time. Here we show you some scenes that prove that love between cats and dogs if it exists.

The popular myth that cats and dogs get on badly comes down with this video. Well, same is true that if an adult cat meets an unknown dog on the street, chances are it will start an epic fight. But many cats are actually friends of dogs when they have the same master and both or one of them came from small to home.

When I brought three small kittens to my house these were very violent with my large dogs. They would scratch and make hostile noises as the dogs approached. Luckily Waldo and Mustaches (the dogs) are like a pair of puppies despite being already three years old. At that time they preferred to move away from the kittens so that they would not get angry and besides, I think they were even afraid of them. I thought the dogs would no longer want to go to the house while the cats were there, but now they all sleep together, especially when it’s cold.

This video shows a compilation of some very tender moments with puppies and felines. Home love transforms all our wild instincts, that’s for sure.


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