Dogs Meme NFTs : How to buy Shiboshis NFT? Shiba Inu NFT?

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
Dogs Meme NFTs : How to buy Shiboshis NFT?  Shiba Inu NFT?

Shiba announces that he will launch his own NFT collection. Don’t stay without your Shiboshi NFT !!!

In a recent publication in Medium, Shiba Inu announced the launch of a NFT collection called “Shiboshis”. The NFT collection will have a theme similar to that of the Siba Inu cryptocurrency, emphasizing the ironic nature of the crypto based on the already iconic Japanese dog race.

The interest in Shiba Inu Coin is currently in the clouds after Elon Musk’s famous Tweet that caused its price, catapult ‘To the Moon’, with increases of more than 300% in a week.

IMPORTANT: During the first 24 hours you can only buy Shashis with leash cryptocurrency from the Wallet Metamask. Then you can use Leash and Ethereum.

Where to buy Shiboshis?

Although in the future showishis can be sold in secondary markets such as OpenSea, the initial purchase will only be available on the official website provided by Siba :

What price will shiboshis have?

Shiboshis costs will have staggered prices. Keep in mind that the first 10 thousand shiboshis can only be purchased with leash crpitomoned.

The prices are the following according to the current price (13/10 of cryptocurrencies)

From 1 to 3000: 0.1 eth / 0.1525 leash / $ 350 dollars (approx.) From 3001 to 8000: 0.2 ETH / 0.3051 Leash / $ 700 dollars (approx.) From 8001 to 10000: 0.3 ETH / 0.4576 leash / $ 1050 dollars (approx.) Hodlers potential must also pay gas rates for the transaction. If the Hodlers want to customize their Shiboshi with their own name, they will also need to burn $ 100 dollars in Shiba Inu.

IMPORTANT: Each wallet can only buy 10 shillis. This is to prevent a “whale” buying everyone and then looked with the resale.

How will Shiba tokens burning?

Shiboshis initially will only have generic names such as 00001, but then the owners can change their name with an additional charge of 100 dollars paid in Shib.

Every time the name is changed, these funds will be burned in Shiba’s purse. If everyone names their shiboshis, they will burn a million dollars, which could make the price of the Cipto Shiba upload a little more.

It is important to give a new name to your Shiboshi because the names are unique and can only exist once in the Oshiverse Shib and this could make your shiboshi more valuable in the future.

Special Shihiboshis

The shiboshis are coined when buying them. Each of them has unique attributes and, therefore, the rarity will be in the eye of the viewer. However, if the game is added, things go to a higher level.

The game of Shiboshi NFT

The Shihiboshis will not be just a collectible NFT, but will become game characters.

The Shiboshi game will allow Shiboshi holders the possibility of using their NFT in a strategic game. Some Shiboshi properties will have their corresponding game elements.

For example, a property found in some shihiboshis is that of laser eyes. The Laser Eyes Property can give the player the ability to attack long distance. Depending on the game, you can also blind the opponent or give him an additional movement.

You can also offer your shiboshis in the secondary markets as OpenSea where you can buy or sell them.

New NFT Shihiboshis.

Oshiverse (name on game key) will have multiple playable characters. To fill these characters, the Shiba platform will launch multiple Shiboshi sets that can enter more Shiboshis, improve your Shiboshis, or provide a completely new gameplay at the Oshiverse Shib.

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