DOWNLOAD 10 Best Apps For Every Pet Parent || Android and IOS !!

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DOWNLOAD 10 Best Apps For Every Pet Parent || Android and IOS !!

Do you go everywhere with your smartphone? If the answer is yes, then you ought to check out these apps for people who live with and love dogs and cats. The following are all free to download and available for iPhone & Android users. A link to the Android version on Google Play appears at the end of each listing.


Tap into tens of thousands of PetRescuers and participating shelters and clinics across the country with this app. You can set it to receive detailed Lost Pet Alerts for missing dogs and cats in your area. Should your dog or cat stray, her info can alert PetRescuers to be on the lookout. The app also provides info on what to do if you find a lost pet as well as heart-warming stories of microchipped pets that have been reunited with their families


When you can’t reach your own veterinarian, Vet On Demand may work as a substitute. With the app, you can connect with a licensed veterinarian for a face-to-face consultation about your cat or dog’s condition. A one-time call is $40 for 15 minutes, or you can subscribe for $9.95 a month and get unlimited consultations.


Keeping track of your pet’s veterinarian appointments and medications are important but can easily become overwhelming. That’s where the MyPet Reminders app comes in handy. Create a profile for your pets and keep track of important dates.


It’s simply a smart and well-written magazine for dog owners, regaling readers with smart features and essays, reproductions of dog art and tips on animal behavior plus training articles, book reviews, veterinary advice and more. And the editors have a soft spot for pictures of smiling dogs. Free, but $ to download an issue or subscribe.


Whether you’re a pet parent in search of a dog sitter or someone who wants to work as a pet caretaker, Rover can


If you have more than one dog, share pet care with others or simply want a record of when your dog’s needs are attended, DogSync can help. This app lets you record when a pet has been walked, watered and fed, taken to the vet, given medication if needed and more. With it, you can easily connect with others in your “pack” and ask for help with responsibilities.


Many behaviorists recommend clicker training. It’s an effective way to reward good behavior – as long as every click is followed by a treat. Having this simple app, which offers three different sounds, replaces the need for carrying around a separate clicker.


This app enables users who live in major cities to connect with a community of people who love and care for pets. It offers info on pet-oriented venues such as dog parks, and businesses such as groomers and doggie day care. You can add a photo of your pet, set up a play date and even find dog-friendly bars and brunch spots.


Still a bit new to the game, Wag connects truly obsessed dog owners to insured, bonded and background-checked dog walkers to select and book. Here’s why: once your dog goes out, you can track its path live with the app’s GPS map. Plus you get a report after every walk that contains a photo or video, distance walked, duration, and whether your dog peed or pooped. Note that not all geographic areas have dog walkers and this app is currently for iPhone users only.


Not that anyone needs a new addiction, but Neko Atsume is awfully cute and asks so little. Put out some virtual food, and a few cats appear. Add some toys and you’ll meet more that you can photograph for the in-app cat book. There’s no violence, no shooting, just some cartoony cats who show up to play and eat. Watch out for Tubbs, though. He’s a gobbler and you’ll need to refill the food bowls soon after he visits.


If you pet has diabetes, the PetDiabetes Tracker app is an absolute must-have. The app not only allows pet parents to monitor and track the symptoms of their pet’s diabetes but also allows you to log important medical information such as blood glucose levels. It also features handy reminders for insulin shots and veterinarian appointments. You can then email a full report of the data you input directly to your veterinarian from within the app.

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