Download Alexa Guard Plus : so that Alexa imitates a dog and challenging thieves!

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
Download Alexa Guard Plus : so that Alexa imitates a dog and challenging thieves!

Amazon thinks about everything, and wants to take advantage that millions of people have a speaker at home, managed by Alexa, to offer a new service related to home security.

It is Alexa Guard Plus, only available, at the moment, in the United States for about $ 5 per month.

The goal is the one we comment on the title, imitate a guard dog to scare off the thieves who want to enter our home. Intelligent speakers Echo and Echo Show could detect the invasion and get to barking to avoid access (although we can do that you do other things).

At the moment it has two main functions:

  •  You can make a call to the emergency service when we say “Alexa, call for help”.
  •  You can send alerts to our mobile if you identify steps, doors or broken glasses while we are outside (as long as we have put it in absent, of course).

At the time of receiving the notification, we can hear what around Alexa, make a siren sound, activate lights or play the sound of a dog.

If we can not pay the service, we can use the free version, which allows the light on and off and the reception of certain notifications.

Undoubtedly, the quality of the speakers is enough to be quite realistic when it comes to imitating a dog, although over time it can come a time when the thieves already know how to differentiate between a real dog and a simulated one. Just hit the door to see if the dog moves away or approaches, or if it makes noises of steps, as well as barking … hopefully the technique is becoming more realistic and effective.

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