Download An app with artificial intelligence can transform you into an Anime character !! (Android/IOS)

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Download An app with artificial intelligence can transform you into an Anime character !! (Android/IOS)

If you have always wanted to see an anime version of you, then this new application with Artificial Intelligence is what you need.

Care FaceApp, since a new application with Artificial Intelligence has just arrived with force to the market. And this not only makes you look like an old man, but makes you an anime character.

More options for transformations

This application we are talking about was developed by the video game company NCSoft. Known for publishing games like Guild Wars.

They released the code online and explained how this works. Making not only can you see your face as a cartoon, but you can also turn your dog into a cat.

The way in which this artificial intelligence manages to do all of the above is through a learning architecture. Which is called Generative Adversarial Networks. And although they are not the creators of this GAN, they did know how to make the most of it.

With Generative Adversarial Networks, this AI begins to learn from ticket training. Which include human faces and anime faces and finds similarities between the two. In that way he manages to adapt the facial features to a cartoon design, including also the hair.

As for the changes from dog to cat or vice versa, Artificial Intelligence studies faces of different kinds of dogs and cats. Compare important features such as eyes, nose and coat color and with that, get to change the species of your pet.

However, there is no established system to go directly and upload your photo. The only way to achieve this is to use the code on your own by knowing some programming.

Still, thanks to researchers Junho Kim, Minjae Kim, Hyeonwoo Kang and Kwanghee Lee decided to make it an open source. It is likely that we can find this function in some application in the near future.

The best 3 applications of effects and filters to make caricatures of your face


It is possibly the most interesting cartoon app from Google Play Store thanks to its editing possibilities. And, with it, you can customize the portrait to limits that are not usually seen in other applications. With it you not only apply a good collection of filters that change reality for a canvas and different types of brush, but you have the option to deform everything thanks to different effects. That is, everything you need to get a cartoon of yourself.

Simply download it from the Google Play Store, where you can get it completely free, and start it to give camera, storage and microphone management permissions. Nothing strange since you need the camera of the mobile to take photos and videos. Then you just have to choose if you want to deform a photo already stored in the gallery, or take a snapshot at that time. Or even record a video, since its effects are applied in real time.

Once in work, you just have to choose the cartoon style that we want in the top bar. Lumia, Sketch, Cartoon, Paint … there is a good variety that changes between brushes and media. Then you can play with the sliding bars to adjust the brightness or deformation. And, of course, there is the deformation collection. This is the grace of the Cartoon Maker. And is that the variety to change the proportions of your face are not few. Then you just have to choose if you want to take a photo or video of the result. And ready.


It is an application with solera in Google Play Store. And its presence goes back several years ago. But they have not happened in vain. It is of Japanese origin, and it is noticeable in the effects and compositions, but also in the humor and the cartoon character that it gives off.

You just have to take a front photo so that the application is responsible for detecting your features and creating a comic alter ego. Something that you can touch up by choosing the hairstyle, accessories such as glasses and other similar details. Once you have your cartoon done the good thing is that you can apply it to all kinds of situations and scenes.

Thus, you can go through the Valentine’s collection to choose your face and that of a friend and star in a romantic scene in a humorous vignette. Or stroll through sections like Popular to find everyday situations where to fit your caricatured face and have a laugh. Of course you can share the results with whoever you want.


In this case we did not find another free application from Google Play Store. But that attracts less attention for its smaller variety of content, effects and deformations. In this case the cartoon is rather a portrait that pretends to have been drawn. Or a still life, if we prefer to take a picture of something other than a face. Even so, the results pleasantly surprise the quality and effects.

Give the relevant permissions to the application and then choose if you want to deform a photo already taken, record a video or capture a selfie or a normal photo at that moment. You will automatically see that the resulting image goes through a powerful filter that simulates having everything drawn. You can change the colors and style by strolling through the carousel of effects, each more artistic and colorful.

You can also adjust some details such as the brightness or saturation of the effects with the slider icon. Then you only have to download or share the final result.

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