Download and Convert your photos to fun anime Via using the best six applications on Android and IOS !!

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Download and Convert your photos to fun anime Via using the best six applications on Android and IOS !!
If you are an anime lover, and you want to look like them, just download these applications on your phone.

This note is dedicated to anime lovers and people who love to personalize their photos to share on social networks, as we will provide you with a list of the best applications that you can find on Android to look like your favorite Japanese character.

It is worth mentioning that these Android apps are free, so you will not have any problem when downloading it to your cell phone, tablet or any device that has the mentioned operating system.

1. Create anime manga avatar, an app to convert photos into anime very easy to use

Create anime manga avatar, with a long name but it really works to give a new style to the photo. The star tools of this application is to convert a picture of you into anime in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, you can edit it, choose the masks, effects, filters, etc.

Another outstanding feature of this app to turn photos into anime is the choice of changing the color of eyes, eyebrow, hair color, skin and bottom of your sleeve. In addition to adding stickers, stickers, frames and presets that must be made to an image.

2. Sleeve filter camera, to convert your photos into anime online

If you are looking for an application to convert photos into anime online, the sleeve filter camera is the right one, because it has easy tools to make a good filter. It provides Japanese comic effects to your photographs, most are black and white, but you get good results.

In addition to offering the option to add text, with Japanese-style typefaces. Finally, you can select the specific area where you want to add the filter. Having everything ready, it gives the option to share photography on social networks.

3. Otaku camera, you can turn photos into anime from your gallery

An application to turn photos into anime that provides a variety of functions to edit your photo. So if you want, you can make your image have an effect like that of your favorite Japanese comic book heroes.

A very good function that it offers is to capture a selfie with anime effect, thus obtaining favorable results. It contains the option to add original stickers, such as wings, ninja mask and cosplay hair. The photo booth that contains the application contains emojis, swords, memes, cartoons and more.

4. MangaKit, program to convert photos into anime by adding textures

The program to turn photos into anime to build your own story with images imported from the gallery. It offers the option of combining textures and inks in the same image. Which is to add textures of dots and stripes, to give it a more real effect.

Apart from giving a specific order of the distribution of the images to create your own Japanese cartoon. To this you can add onomatopoeia, dialog boxes, black and white sketch effect and finally share it on your social networks, without any problem.

5. Manga creator, you can turn photos into anime and mix more than one style

Another complete application to convert photos into anime, where you can mix more than one style. You have the option of real manga, cartoon, anime and drawing, and you must choose the one that best suits your taste. It is an app for you to let your creativity flow and create fabulous projects.

By changing your photo to anime drawing, you can combine and mix the dress, facial features, hair, eye color, etc. It is very easy to use, because you just have to select the image you want to edit. Manga creator will automatically generate the animated characters that your photo will become. It is from there where you will begin to edit and give the final touch as you like. Like the other apps, it can be shared on social networks.

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