Download and discover the best apps to translate while traveling the world – Translate Via Smartphone’s Camera !!!

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Download and discover the best apps to translate while traveling the world – Translate Via Smartphone’s Camera !!!

When you do not handle the language of the country you are going to visit, whether for pleasure or business, it is better to have these useful applications on your mobile

After eight months of road tests in France, Spain, Germany and Japan, these are three of the applications that stood the test of time. All have free versions and are available for both Android and iPhone devices.

The best for global coverage

Google Translate

Why we like it: with the ability to automatically detect and translate more than 100 languages ​​in both directions by text, voice and character recognition, this application covers a greater portion of the world than any other, although competitors use their technology as a basis to provide unique specialized features and regional experience.

Warning: if you insert large pieces of text or anything vaguely technical, Google will have difficulties, sometimes funny. Use Lens – which activates Google Translate from your phone’s camera – to translate the label into a container of unhomogenized whole milk at a Kyoto supermarket, for example, and you could say “Breaking globules of fat by homogenizing without making milk” homogeneous near milked fish made in the most artisanal way possible “.

The best for business trips:


Why we like it: more than a translator, TripLingo is a complete tourism application whose objective is to minimize communication failures and errors when traveling abroad. It offers instant translations based on voice and text in 42 languages, as well as guidelines on local customs, etiquette and tips throughout the world (there are even machetes with medical and safety phrases, just in case).

Warning: most of the basic features are free, but some exclusive premium features require a monthly payment of 20 dollars, including language classes, custom phrase lists and a live translation every 30 days.

The best for large groups:

Microsoft Translator

Why we like it: Compared to other technological monsters, Microsoft offers a small number of languages, a little over 60 in total. It is notable, however, for its ability to translate multiple languages ​​simultaneously, all as part of a single conversation. Whether in a meeting room with executives from the six regional offices of a company or in a restaurant with global clients and common tables, this application will quickly translate everyone’s talk for each participant into their respective phones.

Warning: only 40 of the application languages ​​are available without an internet connection.

The best for travel to Asia


Why we like it: Where Hanzi Chinese characters, Japanese kanji and Korean hanja are used, Waygo is indispensable. Its developers are the pioneers and leaders of the translation of visual characters; The four-year application has the unique ability to interpret sentences, whether displayed vertically or horizontally, and can translate any image from your camera reel.

Those qualities can be useful in deciphering descriptions based on kanji at the Teien Museum recently reopened in Tokyo or buying cold medicine in Seoul. As for translation applications that may be too literal versus idioms? Waygo has a unique feature, exclusively for food, that offers images of your word or phrase translated along with the text, so you know that “strawberry moving perry” – as it translates from Japanese to English – is really just a glass of juice . Bonus: most Waygo features are disconnected by default, so there is no need to worry about excessive roaming. All this makes it worth the price, which starts at $ 7.99.

Why we like it: As with any type of experience, Waygo’s algorithms are highly specialized for use in Asia. If its developers could expand to other languages ​​of the alphabet other than Romani, such as Arabic, Greek, Hebrew and Russian, we would be happy to pay even more for it.

Google Translator has the ability to translate 103 languages ​​at different levels. It is a free service in its desktop version and can be used without an Internet connection from your mobile application.

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