Download and how to make perfect WhatsApp stickers 2019 from your portraits !!

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Download and how to make perfect WhatsApp stickers 2019 from your portraits !!

We teach you to perfectly trim people in the background so that your WhatsApp stickers are personalized and professional.

Surely you have used them more than once if your favorite messaging application is WhatsApp. Yes, it took a long time to arrive, but in the end they were released in the application reaching great success. Not only for the pre-installed sticker packs, but also for the quantity of them available. And because it is very easy to make new packs with our own photos.

Today we will teach you again to make packs of stickers for WhatsApp, but we will focus on a very specific type of sticker: that of people portraits. The stickers look great when the background is cleaned leaving the foreground, but it’s not easy to get. Or yes, because we are going to show you a way to achieve it in five seconds.

The stickers that we propose are the foreground of people cut out of the background. You will get a professional pack of your own vintage. And without complicating your life: in a few clicks you will be sharing them on your WhatsApp.

First step: clean the background of all images

Usually every photo of a person, and also of a group, has background elements that distract attention from the foreground. This is aggravated by sharing the image in the messaging application since the sticker is not clean; losing part of the background of the screen. Therefore, when making your stickers it is essential that you cut the background very well.

To make the cut we will not use Photoshop or the tools that include many apps for creating stickers, extremely inaccurate: we will use a web service called Just upload a photo where you, a friend, a family member, a group of people … and the website will cut the background perfectly in less than five seconds. With this you not only save a lot of effort, you also get a professional effect.

To get your bottomless photos do the following:

  • Choose the images that you will convert into your WhatsApp stickers.
  • Upload each to with «Select a photo«. You can also import from a URL. And you can use both mobile and computer.
  • Download the converted image to your mobile: it is ready to become a sticker.Now it is the turn to convert bottomless portraits into stickers. For this we will use an app.

Now it is the turn to convert bottomless portraits into stickers. For this we will use an app.

Create your own WhatsApp stickers with Sticker Maker

There are many applications of this style, but we have opted for Sticker Maker. It is enough for what we are looking for and its operation is simple, also safe. Of course, we will have ads, although this is nothing new in free applications.

Once you have all the empty background photos in your image gallery, operate as follows:

  • Open Sticker Maker and click on «Create a new sticker pack«.
  • Name the new pack.
  • Click on the created pack: you will access the grid of images.
  • Click on any icon and then on «Open gallery«.
  • Add one of the bottomless photos you downloaded from
  • Click on “Select all” and then on “Save”.
  • Operate in the previous way with all the bottomless images: you can add up to 30 stickers to your pack.
  • Once you have created the package, click on “Add to WhatsApp” and Sticker Maker will take care of moving it to the messaging application.

When you do the whole process you will only have to send your new and brand new stickers from the WhatsApp application: in less than five minutes you will have achieved a fun, personalized and professionally cut pack. And without costing you a penny: both the web service and the application are free.

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