Adopting a dog from your mobile is now possible with this application. Android/IOS

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Adopting a dog from your mobile is now possible with this application. Android/IOS

Miwuki is the great proposal to bring together all the protectors of World so that dogs, cats find a home and adopt is easier.

We love animals. Dogs and cats are among the writing of The Free Android. We know that an animal gives life to a home and that is why we all feel sorry that there are dogs and cats that cannot enjoy all our pampering.

Animal protectors do a great job caring for street animals. Giving them a roof and food. Waiting for an adopter to give him the life he deserves. The warmth of a family that wants it and buys a thousand toys (and then plays with a foil ball …).

Internet has been a very useful tool in communication between protectors. There are people looking for a certain type of dog for personal tastes and a protector can have it. In this way, protective, adopter and the animal get good news.

A social network of animal protectors, this is Miwuki

Therefore, we have not hesitated to give voice to this application: Miwuki. This is a way to show you all the protectors so you don’t have to go from page to page on Google. And, of course, all the animals looking for a house. A communication channel between protector and adopter.

There are currently more than 90,000 animals registered in Miwuki and growing as more protectors come together. You can search for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and more that will come together. You are looking for the type of pet and all those furry animals that you can adopt will appear.

If you have installed and searched you will have seen how it is not possible to search by race. That is by the philosophy of the developer and a way to give visibility to all animals. People can search for a race without realizing that there are many others who are also beautiful. Currently it allows filtering by location, species (cat, dog, ferret ..), sex and size. When we enter the profile of a cat or dog, we can see age and status (neutered, vaccinated, etc.).

You have downloaded the application and you are surprised to ask for money to adopt it. I was also surprised but it all makes sense when they tell you that it is more than anything to cover the animal’s medical and food expenses.

Contact the protector directly from the application

One of Miwuki’s strong points is that you can contact the protector from the application. You can send a message to adopt or welcome an animal. In this way, there is a gap for another furry in the protector.

Another of the things that ensure its developers is that it will be completely free from now until the end. Opting for all possible facilities for animals that are in protective find a home.

For those who were considering the option of adopting a new furry friend, this application will help you get in touch with protectors you will help by adopting one of the animals they host. It is the best way for them to keep going and for them to pick up more dogs and cats that roam the street or highway.

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