The application of ASH (Homeless Animals) for SD is the perfect place to start if you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat and without a doubt the first place to publish if you have lost your pet. Hundreds of users will be notified instantly that you publish that your most faithful friend is lost.

If you see a battered horse in the street, post it using ASH so that the whole community can take action and help you! You can attach a photo and also the geographical location! You can also share it on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

This platform has managed to build a network of users who can find their lost pets and register cases of lost or abandoned animals. In this way, if you want to adopt a pet this application is a good place to go. The App allows you to publish the contact details of the person who found the animal and create a small profile with your name, phone, email. Who receives the notice can communicate with this person directly through a text message, call or mail. The application also allows you to upload photographs of the place where the animal was found through a map.

Search through the publications of animals for adoption … you may find a special one that you want to give a second chance! The publications you make from ASH are not only viewed by other users from their mobile devices, they are also displayed on the Homeless Animals Facebook page by the entire fan community, which now exceeds a quarter of a million users! !!

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