If you wonder what your dog thinks, now you can know with No More Woof, the barking translator who analyzes his thinking and states it in natural language.

There are many who think that dogs just need to talk. If you’ve ever wondered what your pet is trying to tell you, now you can understand their thoughts thanks to No More Woof, an invention developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discover (NSID), a Scandinavian entrepreneurial company.

It is a device that combines three different technologies: electroencephalography (EEG), micro computing and brain – computer software (BCI).

No MoreWoof is a headset that has to be placed on the pet’s head. It integrates an electroencephalography sensor and a brain-computer interface that has the ability to detect and analyze the neuronal patterns of your dog’s thinking.

Then, these thought patterns are recorded through the Raspeberry Pi that it incorporates to process them and translate the barks into human language through a loudspeaker. The device is linked to an app for the mobile phone through which the owner can always know what the animal is thinking.

Until now, the neural patterns that the developers of the bark translator have identified correspond to the dog’s feelings of fatigue, emotion, hunger and curiosity about an unknown person or animal.

Its creators point out that it is a progressive work and they do not rule out that the dog translator can incorporate new functionalities very soon. Currently, the prototype is in development version 3.2.

WhatsYapp, the collar that translates your dog’s barks


The dog translation is booming. If a few days ago we were talking about No More Woof, a headset that interprets what your pet tries to tell you, today we have known another solution that offers the same functions.

This is WhatsYapp, a collar that translates your dog’s barks into natural language and shows you his messages through an app for the smartphone.

The device is being developed by Fetch, a UK pet store that has set out to launch innovative technology products for pets.

WhatsYapp is a collar that integrates a microphone and various sensors that record the time and location, body position or movement of the dog, among other parameters.

Together with the collar, the owner receives a selection of stickers with low-consumption iBeacons that can be placed in strategic points of the home, for example in the animal feeders, in the bed or on the doors. In this way, an intelligent space is configured that allows WhatsYapp to have the entire controlled area.

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