Download Dog Run – Pet Dog Simulator – Best Game for Dog Lovers For (Androind/IOS), If you are dog lover and can’t seem to resist your emotions for dogs, and you try to find everything which is related to dogs, then you might find Dog Run as a great fit for your gaming needs.

It is a super simple simulator game but has a puppy as the main protagonist, we know you’re falling in love with the game already, hence without any further delay, you can download the Dog Run game from the Play Store and get started.

Now many of you might be wandering that what makes Dog Run so great, what is it’s USP and why should you choose Dog Run. Well the answer is pretty simple, it has great graphics and offers good gaming experience, things which are seldom found in games these days, but Dog Run offers you both and if you are a dog lover it is additional advantage. So what are you waiting for, go to the Play Store and download the Dog Run app and start enjoying the game.

Dog Run has great graphics and a great storyline, you don’t need to look out for a complex storyline and honestly no one has that much time these days. So, all you need to do is jump around hurdles and collect coins, you can also involve your friends in the game and let them play on their phones, and afterwards you can compare your scores. Each run you are given one lifeline and the goal is to collect as many coins as possible. It is a pretty basic simulator game but even though it is basic, the developers have not compromised on the graphics of the game and everything is simply top notch.

Streets you roam in are proper happening streets, and there is a lot which is happening around, however you must concentrate on the road and watch out for hurdles; this is the real challenge. If you are fun dog loving person, Dog Run is truly an ideal option for you. It literally has everything you could wish for. Once you have collected the coins and if you hit a hurdle, you can continue the same run by watching an advertisement, or if you enough coins, you can use them to buy a new lifeline. Features likes these make Dog Run even more special and this is why you should download it immediately from the Play Store.


  • Awesome graphics and endless fun simulator
  •  Own your favorite puppy Dog from a Labrador, Dalmatian and train many more into your Pet
  • Play through this amazing adventure to unlock the magical rainbow Dog, Super Sasha!
  •  Play as 8 cute Male & Female Puppy Dogs
  •  Collect Coins and get gems to upgrade to the fastest Dog
  •  Open daily prizes for exclusive rewards and exciting pickups for free
  •  FREE updates and new Puppy Dogs added regularly

Download it immediately from the Play Store Here.

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