Download Dog Run – Pet Dog Simulator – For (Androind/IOS) – Dog Run is one of those simple games, that would simply indulge you from the word ‘go’, it is brutally basic and has used this aspect to capitalize the hearts of millions of dog lovers around the world.

If you claim to be a dog lover, then you’ve got to have this game in your phone, all you need to do is go to Play Store and download the app. It is absolutely free of cost and if you are looking for something fancy, it also offers in-app purchases.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Dog Run app, you are ready for an adventure. People all over the globe are going gaga over this amazing game and are finding it irresistible because of its great graphics and game play. If you are new to the simulator game, you only would need to go through the initial trial run and you would get everything you need to know. Basically your character is a puppy and you are in charge of all its movements, if you don’t control it, he would smash into the hurdle. So you’ve got to stop him running around like a headless chicken.

Not only you would be controlling his movement and saving him from the hurdles, but you would also be collecting coins throughout your run. This collection of coins is pretty important as you get to make purchases through these coins, there are a lot of things which you can get from the vault, through these coins, but to find out, you would need to download the Dog Run app from Play Store.

It is a great app for children too, as the game play is super simple, your puppy is running and you need to save it from the hurdles and while doing that, you also need to collect coins. It is a great app for dog lovers as it helps them in showcasing their sheer love for the animal. This is also a great past time for older people, since once you get hooked to the game, it is difficult to get out of it as the game world is meticulously designed to capture the attention of user. Dog Run also aids in increasing your attention span, since you’re always on the lookout, hence it in this odd way prepares you for the practical life as well. So what are your waiting for, go to the Play Store and download the Dog Run app now.


  •  Awesome graphics and endless fun simulator
  •  Own your favourite puppy Dog from a Labrador, Dalmatian and train many more into your Pet
  •  Play through this amazing adventure to unlock the magical rainbow Dog, Super Sasha!
  •  Play as 8 cute Male & Female Puppy Dogs
  •  Collect Coins and get gems to upgrade to the fastest Dog
  •  Open daily prizes for exclusive rewards and exciting pickups for free
  •  FREE updates and new Puppy Dogs added regularly.
This is a great app for when u just want to zone out and be on electronics.They have different animals u can play like unicorns, cats, puinguins, and dogs.That just makes it twice as much fun! I feel like I t is better then subway surfers in my opinion.
Download Dog Run from here

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