Download Dogo – A Great Training App For Your Puppy

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Download Dogo – A Great Training App For Your Puppy

How many times has it happened that your puppy is giving your hard time and in those days, you seriously yearn for a helping hand. Well, finally your prayers have been answered in the form of Dogo app.

it is no less than a blessing for dog owners. It provides you with a gamut of great features, which would prove super helpful in training your dog. Calling Dogo a mere dog training app, barely lifts the hood, it is in a nutshell a true life saver for puppy lovers.

To get started you would need to download Dogo app from play store, once you download the app, you would be asked for signup. You can either use your Gmail or Facebook id for signup purpose. When you’re done with the pleasantries, you would be ready to use the app. Most striking feature of the app is its clicker which could be used as a treat for your puppy.

Moving on, there are numerous tricks which your dog can learn through the app. For instance if you have just bought a puppy and are having trouble to train him, Dogo must be your go-to option. It has an interactive interface and much more than that the training tips are absolutely free of cost and you could employ these tips in your training sessions.

Each training session walks you through the entire process, providing special tips along the way. If you are new to puppy training you must download the Dogo app from the play store as it would help you out in most unimaginable ways. With each trick session you are also graduated to the next level and that is what makes this amazing dog training app most fun.

There are also challenges which you can undertake in the app; these include posting pictures of your puppy doing a specific task and many more. Challenges are updated on daily basis and hence you can see how others are doing. Moreover the pictures received in challenges are also a great morale booster, as you get to see different breeds performing the same tasks. There are a lot of dog training applications but none of them comes close to the interactivity of Dogo. You could also seek out help from experts, and can also set daily reminders but this all can only be done if you have the Dogo app in your mobile phone, hence without any further delay download the Dogo app and start training your dog.

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