Download Dogo App – To Training the Dogs For Push-Ups

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Download Dogo App – To Training the Dogs For Push-Ups

Dogo app is arguably the best dog training app currently available on Play Store.

It has a wide range of features which make it stand out in the crowd of dog training apps. If you have a puppy and are struggling with his training, all you need to do is download the app from the Play Store and all your worries would soon be over. Have you ever come across a dog that does push-ups, when his owner commands him to do. Well, surely that is an impressive exercise and if you want the same for your dog, you simply need to follow the steps on Dogo app.

Firstly you would need your dog to sit down, for that you call him and command him to sit. When he is on his hind legs, you take a treat and move it in front of him in a position that compels him to move upwards. If he does this successfully, you give him the food treat and also the click treat. Now you need to repeat this drill and each time your dog does it you give him a food treat.

After four to five successful attempts, you should stop giving him treat after every successful maneuver. Moreover it is also advised that you rely more on click treat, rather than food treat, as it is more helpful in exercises like these. For complete guidelines, you can download the Dogo app from Play Store and get started. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your puppy do these amazing things. Push-ups are a difficult exercise foe your puppy and hence it is included in the Trained level. Before you train your dog for push-ups you must train him to sit and walk on leash. In other words these are the pre-requisites for push-ups.

Training your do for push-ups is not an easy task to execute, however if you follow the guidelines of the Dogo app, you would be able to get your dog do push-ups in a couple of days. However in order to maximize your output, you must follow the guidelines strictly and refrain from skipping certain exercises, as the program is designed by experts and keeps everything in mind. If you follow the program of Dogo app, you would be able to train your dog in no more than six months and it is a huge accomplishment as the average training time is more than one year.

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