Download Dogo App – To Training your dog for walking in a leash

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Download Dogo App – To Training your dog for walking in a leash

Download Dogo App – To Training your dog for walking in a leash, We all want to take our dog out for the walk, the first day we have it, but we often forget that we need to train them for walking on the leash before we take them out for a walk.

Luckily Dogo app has you covered for this, but before we jump into training details, you should download the Dogo app from the Play Store. Many of us already have it on their phones, but for those who don’t have it and want to take their dog out for the walk, all you need to do is go to Play Store and download Dogo app.

Since it is a difficult command exercise to execute, so ideally your leash should at least be 2 meter long. Hold the leash in one hand and treats in your other hand. Start walking and see if the dog follows, if he follows, that is a good sign and you should give him the food and click treat to reward his good behavior. However, if on the contrary, your puppy refuses to move you should try and call his name, he would respond to that and hence you could give him a click treat.

If your dog is not walking with you, and is only responding to you call, and then stands still, then you need to apply another trick. You should take the food treat and move in front of him, make sure that he sniffs the food treat, he would eventually start following you and then you should rely more on click treat.

Once your dog starts following you, you should try changing directions, if he is following you fine; you’ve got a great dog. However if on changing the direction he stops or pulls the leash in another direction, you need to try the drill mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Dogo app is one of the best dog training apps and it has all that one can ask for. Henceforth if you are facing difficulty in training your dog, you could always seek help from Dogo app. It has great features and especially the exercise on training your dog on a leash is one of the best. If you still haven’t download the app, you should immediately go to Play Store and download the Dogo app. It is a great app for both individual and commercial dog trainers as it maintains record of your performance.

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