Download Dogo Apps Clicker

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Download Dogo Apps Clicker

Have you ever been in a situation where you are tired of pampering your dog with treats; well all dog owners suffer from this problem and often we have no other option than to continue the practice.Download Dogo Apps

However, what happens is that after some time our dog becomes so used to treats after a specific good behavior that he refuses to repeat the action, when a treat is denied. This is where most dog owners enter a catch 21 situation; they don’t know how to get out of this whirlpool scenario.

Luckily you have Dogo app, which rescues you from this front. The best part about Dogo app is that it has a built in clicker in it. Now you might be wandering that what good is a clicker, well the answer is that it could potentially replace treats. All you need to do is download Dogo app from play store and you’re ready to roll. The built-in clicker is what makes Dogo app unique from all other dog training apps.

Since it is a proven fact that if you want to reward your dog after a good gesture or behavior, you need to do it within 0.8 second, now we are all aware of the fact that a food treat takes more time than this and hence this is where clicker comes to your rescue. You could use a clicker sound as a treat for your dog. Initially you might struggle for few times, but once your dog gets to know that this clicker sound is a treat, he would definitely start responding to it.

Some people might argue that why a clicker sound, if you are to give a ‘sound treat’, you could use your own voice. Well, the answer is simple, your dog is likely to hear a click sound only during training lessons, henceforth he could easily associate it with a reward.

Now moving on to the next part, how are you going to train him for a ‘clicker treat’; well, you could initially start off by a simple clicker sound. Once your dog has heard the sound, command him to sit, if he obeys your command, you could give him the ‘clicker treat’. Repeat this exercise few times and after three times you could also use a food treat, however rely heavily on ‘clicker treat’. It would take you no more than ten repetitions and your puppy would start taking clicker sound as a treat. This exercise would also reduce your training time by an astounding 40%.

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