Finding Rover is now available for devices that have an Android operating system. The new app is free and allows you to find any type of pet that is lost.

What would happen if all the pets that exist in Chile were registered on the same platform? That is what Finding Rover is looking for, a new application that would help animal owners find their pet if it is lost. To use it, you must first take a photo of your partner. Then you record it: you write down your personal data and the characteristics of your pet. And in case of loss, you notify the platform that your animal is lost.

If another person using Finding Rover finds a lost animal, they must take a photo of it and if the physical features of the pet match those of the owner, the partner who reported the loss will be informed. Whoever finds the lost animal must indicate the exact time and location where they found it. Both will get together and the owner will get his pet back.

The application is available only for cell phones with android operating system and can be purchased for free. As reported by the television channel América Tevé (Miami): “the application was created by an owner who never found his pet.”

What would happen if all the pets were registered in the same database?

Well for the creator of this great application this is something possible as well as positive since all you have to do is take a photo of your pet to register and if in case your pet gets lost, all you have to do is notify the app, which Thanks to the previous registration image, it is compared with the others sent by the different users and if their features coincide, it will alert you to its possible location.

It should be noted that this app is only functional if many of us collaborate both in registering and reporting pets.

It is also important to mention that this app is completely free and is currently only available for Android.

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