Download Finding Rover, the app that uses facial recognition to find lost pets – ِAndroid/IOS

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Download Finding Rover, the app that uses facial recognition to find lost pets – ِAndroid/IOS

If you have or have had a pet on occasion and it has been temporarily lost – or permanently – you will know how bad it is. When your hairy takes hours or days without appearing increases the despair and anguish to know what will have happened.

Ten million pets are lost every year. Now an application called Finding Rover helps parents and mothers of dogs and crates to find them. And, although it may not seem like it, there are pets that do not yet have a chip or those that are extracted in order to steal them. That makes its location quite difficult.

Finding Rover includes a new system. The application uses a technology that is normally applied to humans for different aspects: facial recognition. The problem is that identifying animals is not as simple as doing it with people, but the app solves it by taking 130 different scan points to be as accurate as possible. Thus, it takes into account the color of the coat, the texture, the length of the snout or the space between the eyes.

How does it work exactly? The parents of a cat or dog that has disappeared can upload a photo of you and click on the Lost section. They should only provide some additional data and the app will scan the image to see if it corresponds to an animal that has been previously found and is part of its database. If so, a ‘match’ will occur and the person will know who found it and where exactly it is.

According to the creator of the app, John Polimeno, his software has a success rate of 98%. The entrepreneur also states that Finding Rover has already helped bring together 15,000 pets with their owners.

Finding Rover is available on Google Play and the App Store, although only for US-resident users. If at any time it becomes extensible to Spain or Latin America, we will keep you informed.

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