Download iKibble free for Android

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Download iKibble free for Android

Following the theme of pets, we bring you to download free iKibble free for Android, an app that will let you know what meals you can give your dog, and which are harmful.

Pets are one of the most important living beings within a family, and they have become great companions, not only in solitude, but also in situations of great happiness. That is why, their owners always seek their welfare, although sometimes they do not resist giving him a portion of dinner or lunch, completely ignoring how much this can harm your dog or cat. It is known that many foods consumed by humans are totally contraindicated for animals, but few people know exactly what they are. That’s why, we bring you iKibble Free, an app available only for iOS where you can learn much more about the nutrition of your animal.

By downloading iKibble Free it is an extremely useful app, with which you will be able to know all the foods that your pet can consume, and you will also have a detailed list of all those that animals are forbidden to consume. The dynamics of the application is very simple despite being available only in English: you will have the possibility to search for a specific food or navigate through iKibble freely so that you will know what kind of food you can give during the day. Not only that, you will also have available the ingredients of those foods, to know which of them is the one that really damages or benefits your pet.

In addition, in case you choose to give a certain food to your dog, through this application you will know how many times per week his body supports that food. Although iKibble for Android is not available, we invite you to download it for iOS from the following link.

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