Download LINE Pong Pong Pong: Take care of your Pets and face them to your friends

samerLast Update : Saturday 25 January 2020 - 4:37 AM
Download LINE Pong Pong Pong: Take care of your Pets and face them to your friends

That Line is no longer just an instant messaging app we already knew it for a long time, with the launch of a whole line of casual games, very entertaining but somewhat lacking in depth as usually happens in these cases.

Now another example arrives, although in this case the puzzles are changed to another genre also very popular: pet simulators. And it is that in Line Pong Pong Pong we have to take care of one of the available cats, each of them with its own characteristics, in the purest Tamagotchi style. Anyone who has tried the original will recognize the possible actions we can take: from feeding him to cleaning him or allowing him to rest a little, we will have to be aware of his mood swings and provide him with everything necessary.

Where this game differs a bit from other alternatives on Android is in its multiplayer section, since we not only have to take care of our pet for our personal enjoyment, but we also have to engage in “battles” with other caregivers online. Of course, this is where the connection with Line messaging comes in, since we can challenge our friends to get a higher score than them, and go up the world player list.

All this is complemented by a series of mini-games, such as keeping up, or a clone of “Simon says,” which give some variety to the matter beyond simply caring for our feline. Therefore, Line Pong Pong Pong moves away from other pet sitters thanks to these original elements, and if you are regulars of Line this is another app that connects well with the main one. If instead you are not Line users and you do not want to be, or do not bother to install it, since it necessarily requires the creation of a Line account to allow the game.

Line Pong Pong Pong is now available on Google Play.

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