Middog ​​is a well-known social network for pets, where we can meet people who love animals and share our experiences, but in the new version just presented we have much more.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, horses, hamsters … the application, available for Android and iOS, has room for a wide variety of species, a number that continues to grow without stopping.

Among the functions offered we have:

  • The user can find a complete manager for their pets and take orderly visits to the veterinarian, vaccinations or even allergies that your pet has.
  • We can register practically anything, from the clinic to the food.
  • It is possible to find a large social network that revolves around animals. Each user can share the moments of their pets through photos (and soon videos) with other users.
  • In the new version there are thematic events, which every few days challenge users to upload photos of their pets with certain themes, which may even be accompanied by prizes for the most voted images.
  • Present the “Spaces”, communities where users can share news, ask questions to other users, conduct and answer surveys or simply meet other people with the same type of pet or their same interests in the world of animals. Even groups of friends who usually walk their pets together can have their own space.
  • The spaces are also available for the professional sector, so that they can communicate with their current or future clients and get closer to them.

Feed brands, shops, veterinarians, dog groomers and even clubs and associations are invited to join the Midoog spaces.

  • The “Quizs” are activities in which users can have fun while learning and competing with other users. The user can answer questions on different topics in relation to the animal world that give him points and offer an explanation about it, to learn more about the fascinating animal world.

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